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The host of well-known Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Eric Dye, had as guest Paul Mampilly. Years, after he received his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham University, he started showing the experience he had picked up at his former employer’s was making him the financial guru he would later be called. After having worked as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly moved onto ING and Deutsche Bank; he landed a job at Kinetics Asset Management. He began working as the portfolio manager at Kinetic Asset Management and helped grow their portfolio to a staggering $25B. That Kinetics Hedge Fund is called “the World’s Best,” by Barron’s.

Moving on from Corporate Wall Street

After nearly twenty years of showing the tools of his trade on Wall Street by helping large corporations extend their profits by managing portfolios, Paul Mampilly believed it was a time to help others who may be less fortunate and not have the same opportunities as those he had been so used to helping. He had already formed the principles for a successful investing strategy that showed consistently positive returns of 84% in his investments. He decided to share his investment strategies with others and first founded his own company Capuchin Consulting in 2013.

Move to Banyan Hill

In 2016, Banyan Hill Publishing invited Paul Mampilly to be the chief editor. He now writes for four newsletters which focus on helping the working investor to gain big returns for using his investor strategies. Today, thru the 90K subscribers to the Banyan Hill Publishing newsletters he is fulfilling his dream to b able to pass on his financial knowledge of investing to the common person who seeks to take their own investments in hand.

Profits Unlimited

One of his newsletters Profits Unlimited is one of the most sought-after expert publications in the investment world, where Paul Mampilly shows unseen opportunities in the marketplace as well as prescriptive advice for big returns on investment. He passes all of his research before his investment team before passing it onto his clients. He enjoys “helping common people make money.”

The worldwide growth of OSI Industries might seem like a monstrous power grab by a cold corporation to the layman, however, nothing could be further from the truth; and as a famous author once wrote, “When you hear the truth, it has a certain ring to it.” OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

With acquisitions such as the Turi Food’s merger in Australia, OSI Industries brings the wealth of knowledge and experience of other fine companies into the fold in a welcoming way that benefits all involved. Consequently benefiting the millions of customers of OSI Industries around the globe. The benefits to the world are the fine food products produced and globally distributed. It’s a harmony of operations skillfully conducted by a staff of over 20,000 people, and the music just keeps on playing.

Otto Kolschowsky is the father of this massive operation which is feeding the world. Everyone knows the importance of food. It’s not just a corporate business model. Even without strict government enforced guidelines and regulations, companies like OSI would still thrive and produce the finest, safest food possible, because the people who run it are the best around. That every rule, regulation and guideline is followed and exceeded, is the mark of excellence, and speaks of the quality of character of all who work at OSI Industries. Second best and cutting corners is not an option, not to mention bad business.

Aside from the tedious details of corporate compliance and regulatory stipulations, the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes, and each and every morsel produced by OSI Industries must pass their own standards of excellence. Again, it’s the mark of a master and a badge of honor which is not given away; it’s earned.

So, strap on the ol’ feed bag, and give thanks to Otto.

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The world is full of human beings. Nevertheless, those with humane in them are very few. Furthermore, it is quite worrying how the number keeps going down every other day. In the present world, many people are after making lots of money, but they do not care about the welfare of the needy in the society.

However, one man by the name of Eric Lefkofsky has set a significant difference through the expression of kindness and goodness to the needy. To be precise, he has taken a specific interest in cancer patients where he has toiled to cater for their well-being. Eric has been able to identify the gap in the health system in cancer and developed means of filling it. After one of his loved ones suffered from breast cancer, he felt for all the patients going through the same.

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder of the Tempus Company which has developed an operating system to fight against cancer. His staffs have been very co-operative. In this company, physicians have been able to care for cancer patients by interacting through the machine learning platform. Molecular and therapeutic analysis data obtained has enabled them to make the right decisions as far as cancer patients’ care is concerned. Currently, one of the most extensive libraries has been established at Tempus, allowing easy access to clinical and molecular information and analysis.

Also, Eric, through his philanthropic nature, has started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable trust whose primary objective is to support educational and charitable organizations around the globe. This mainly focused on helping children. More than fifty organizations have benefited from the Lefkofsky Foundation through donations and other forms of support.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 where he later studied at Southfield Lathrup high school. Afterward, he went to Michigan University where he studied law and obtained a Juris Doctor. He once taught applied technology at DePaul University. Currently, he is a trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital as well as the World Business board member in Chicago among other organizations. Eric is married to Elizabeth, and they have three children together.

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Talos Energy has recently found a possible 2 billion barrels of oil off of the coast of Mexico in shallow waters. This has been the first important discovery of oil since Mexico allowed foreign exploration of its gas and oil fields a few years back. The discovery occurred roughly some 37 miles away from Puerto Dos Bocas on the Gulf of Mexico’s southern coast. The well is 11,000 feet deep at the moment, and it is expected to take a minimum of four years to develop it fully. The company has announced that the discovery looks like a big but that it will need time to properly develop it.

The find is expected to bring more interested parties to Mexican waters, and it is being hailed as the most important achievement since Mexico began to work on revising its failing energy industry. It is expected that the BridgeTex Pipeline will be seeing an expansion allowing it to carry 40,000 more barrels of crude oil every day from Houston to Colorado City. A fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, Francisco Monaldi, remarked that the discovery by Talos Energy will probably bring in interested developers soon. The Mexican government needed news like this and is glad to finally see some forward movement with its new energy policy, which saw the deregulation of its gas and oil industry.

Talos Energy, along with other Houston companies, have been enticed by the invitation, which saw Mexico auctioning off blocks of land to drill beginning in 2015. These auctions didn’t bring in the money they had hoped for in the beginning, but that might change with the good news of the current discovery. The election of Donald Trump, unfortunately, has made Mexico nervous due to his rhetoric about building a wall, renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada, and focus on unfair trade. The CEO of Talos Energy commented that nothing really got in the way of his company seeking to find new oil and gas opportunities in Mexico, and it looks like the future might be bright for Talos and anyone who works with them.

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Ricardo Tosto is among the best attorneys in Brazil. He is committed to serving his clients and ensuring they get the best policies available. He is known for his introduction of the litigation process. Many firms in Brazil are now embracing the litigation process. Ricardo Tosto is the owner and partner of the prestigious Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. The firm is known for its ability to handle tough cases that other firms in Brazil cannot manage. It also sees that their clients get justice in the shortest time possible.

Ricardo Tosto takes his time to educate his lawyers to see that they become experts and serve the clients perfectly. For this reason, any lawyer you land on in the Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados is a expert great lawyer. In case you have a case in Brazil, be confident while signing with Ricardo Tosto. It’s a ticket for excellent results.

Brazil is known for its high number of lawyers. It is third in the ranking of the countries with the highest number of lawyers. The leading states are India and the United States. The Brazil government is careful in ensuring that all the lawyers acquire quality education. They regularly audit the law schools to ensure they have all the requirements.

It is important that you are careful while choosing who to represent you in your case. Only law students who pass the bar examination are allowed to practice law in Brazil. It is also important to consider the level of experience of the lawyer as well.

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Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment a banker. He is said to be one of the most experienced and noticeable bankers of the country. He lived in Brazil and practiced finance in the banking sector. He has managed some very high profile banks and many banking institutions in the world over the years of his career. He currently provides his expertise in the field through company known as Bainbridge Group Inc. This agency specializes in providing expert advice in the financial sector and for investment purposes. Igor has for many years worked and provided advisory service as a consultant regarding both small and long term financial investments in the stock market. He is mostly renowned for having a great insight about investing in such markets for a better return in the future.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian by nationality and a very capable and experienced investment manager. He has a great history of expertise in working for some leading financial institutions of Brazil. He was born in 4th October, 1947 in the city of Curitiba In Brazil. He graduated from the Federal University in the year 1995. He initially studied engineering in the University but soon later he shifted to the field of economics which he was more interested in learning about. The Federal University of Parana was the only University at that time that had engineering course. His choice of decision has put him to the success level as a leader today. He is currently the owner of his own investment firm. He has been the leader of his investment firm since the year 1995. He had graduated in the year 1970 and soon after that entered into the job career. He was employed soon after his graduation in Multibanco which is an investment bank. After passing several years there his knowledge and skills in the finance sector promoted him to the position of an investment banker in Multibanco and was soon relocated to the new location in Rio where he was elected for the position in the board of directors of the company. In the year 1976 he was elected to handle the position of the company’s CEO.

Securus Technologies continued its spree of acquisitions earlier this year when they announced that they have reached an agreement to purchase GovPayNet. This moves comes on the heels of the company’s recent string of purchases to include the April 2015 acquisition of JPay. GovPayNet operates in the same space as JPay, processing debit and credit payments of over 2,300 government agencies around the country. The move with seamlessly enhance the capability of both JPay and GovPayNet and further enhance Securus’ already leading market share in the space. The Indianapolis-based GovPayNet will continue to operate under its current name, with Mark MacKenzie remaining as CEO.


Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison and inmate technology company that specializes in payment processing, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and other corrections-related services. The move to acquire GovPayNet will ensure that the company will be able to process over 4 million payments annually. They offer video, phone, and educational services to over 1.2 million inmates in the United States. The company’s goal is to make the prison system safer through technology. The tech giant maintains three other regional offices in the United States and employees over 1,000 people. Securus was founded in 1986 and has contracts with over 3,500 correction facilities in North America.


Recently, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd found herself on the cover of Forbes magazine. As the founder of one of the most popular dating apps in the world, Herd is a powerful woman in a field dominated by men. Hers is a unique voice in the world of big tech.

Herd’s path to success had a rocky beginning. She was a key member of team that started Tinder. At the time, she was dating that app’s founder. After they split, she claimed that he’d stripped her of her co-founder status. He called her names, and was asked to step down. Rather than sulk or feel defeated, Whitney Wolfe Herd knew she had to move on.

Her creation, Bumble, puts women in the driver’s seat when it comes to dating. This app has been experiencing incredibly growth. Business grew by over 70% in 2016, and Herd rejected an offer to sell to Match for $450 million. So far, waiting has proved the right decision. Today, Bumble is valued at over $1 billion.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has used her newfound clout to try and empower women. She truly believes that women’s insights are important, and that given a voice, they’ll be able to make effective changes in the world.

Herd’s app is an example of this. Harassment and unwanted pictures have been a big problem for women in the online dating space. But putting women in the driver’s seat has revolutionized the way the system works. One small twist helped Bumble stand out from the pack and take off.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Bumble takes advantage of that city’s reputation for media-savvy young people. Bumble’s staff is among the best in the business at what they do. Most, about 75%, are also women. Because of the way the app is designed and who the target market is, their insights are invaluable.

Whitney Wolfe Herd found her own perfect match before she started Bumble. Michael Herd, who she married last year in Italy, stood by her during her rocky exit from Tinder. With Bumble, she hopes to help users find the type of relationship that she has now.

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Individuals that prefer the Internet can now easily find out about CTCA’s premier and novel oncology treatments simply by logging onto WebMD. This online site draws a lot of traffic looking for cancer and medical treatment information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always tried to deliver precision cancer treatments that are aided by healthy holistic care options as well. This combination treatment approach is encouraging to cancer care experts and the cancer patients that have greatly benefited from this fresh care model. Cancer care can sometimes feel overwhelming to individuals receiving it. CTCA makes a promise to treat every person in an individualized holistic fashion.

Holistic medicine has been around for centuries. The whole body method of care is often seen in foreign countries. Many western doctors have adopted some of these better practices to enhance the medical therapies and drug schedules usually ordered for cancer treatment. Aromatherapy uses a quiet setting and wonderfully scented candles to promote natural relaxation. Many cancer patients are helped by Yoga classes, meditation techniques, spiritual practices and other stress busting techniques. Along with standard oncology treatments, these holistic measures can provide extra aid for patients during their specially determined oncology treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is not the only healthcare institution that has implemented these holistic methods into medical treatments. CTCA has long been a supporter though of holistic care before it become so popular. Due to this, Cancer Treatment Centers of America knows which holistic practices work with which patient. This healthcare provider is open to other treatments that include many proven to work holistic practices. When a person is treated holistically, the clinicians evaluate all treatments and their effect on the body. There are many encouraging new holistic ways to lower anxiety, promote well being and encourage deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Anyone who gets treatment through one of several Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility can expect a personal care plan that does address each person’s most pressing needs. This healthcare cancer provider offers highly skilled medical procedures and easily obtained holistic measures that increase an oncology patient’s chances for recovery. CTCA now offers gentler approaches to certain cancer cases. The addition of naturally based side effect remedies gives patients a new way to manage their pain, nausea, stomach issues, skin breakdown areas and more without harsh treatment methods. Individuals are urged to find more oncology details via WebMD’s webpage.

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures involving a person’s buttocks in Dallas. The reason most people prefer this procedure is because it is considered minimally invasive compared to other procedures. It only requires a few small incisions to make the changes the patient desires.


It should be noted that part of the procedure involves buttocks sculpting. This is one reason why it is important to contact a specialist in Dallas with enough experience. The cosmetic specialist like one at the North Texas Plastic Surgery center is going to be using liposuction to contour the buttocks. Purified fat is inserted into the buttocks to give the patient that lifted look that he or she wants.


The purified fat that is inserted into the buttocks comes from unwanted fats from other areas of the body. The cosmetic surgeon is going to remove excess fat from areas such as the thighs or the abdomen. The procedure also helps make the rear end look a little younger due to the volume change. On a special note, those who have recently lost a lot of weight should know that the Brazilian butt lift does not address excess skin. These issues will need to be taken care of separately using something like a lower body lift, which a cosmetic surgeon specializing in Dallas like the one at the Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery center can further explain.


Remember that only patients who qualify are given the opportunity to go through this procedure. For example, good health is vital since the Brazilian butt lift does require the use of anesthesia, which can be dangerous for people in poor health. The body needs to have good blood circulation and a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins. This is important to ensure the body can recover from the procedure, which is still minor surgery. The right candidate will also need to have realistic expectations and be in good psychological health. Smoking and alcohol consumption is to be avoided before and after the procedure.


Hopefully, some of this information makes it easy to find good cosmetic specialists in Dallas like those working at the Khan Plastic Surgery center to help initiate the Brazilian butt lift.


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