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As age catches up with someone, they often develop a need for specialized healthcare treatment. Since the seniors living in the society always require special medical attention, healthcare facilities such as Sussex Healthcare always of such individuals the necessary care that they need at their age. Apart from offering various treatment options, Sussex Healthcare has also been offering shelter to the older adults in the society.

Background Information

Sussex Healthcare has been in existence since 1985. The healthcare facility only started out with one home. With time, Sussex Healthcare has been able to come up with a vast network of homes that are based in Europe. Currently, the organization is operating more than 15 facilities. The following are the main homes that are operated by Sussex Healthcare.

Forest Lodge

The Forest Lodge shelter is more of a country home, and it is based on an eight-acre piece of land. Apart from being a beautiful place to reside in, the shelter has professional staff who are properly trained to offer quality care to the older adults in the society. Additionally, the staff at the Forest Lodge have an in-depth understanding of ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Since the Forest Lodge is meant to feel like a home away from home, the residents residing at the shelter can engage in both indoor and outdoor activities. With that said, the seniors in the community who are in need of specialized healthcare treatment are always welcome at the Forest Lodge.

Clemsfold House

The Clemsfold House is situated in West Sussex. It is a country home that is uniquely designed. This home is geared towards providing healthcare services to the elderly as well as people suffering from dementia. If you are more of a nature lover, the Clemsfold House if the suitable place of residence for you. Additionally, the residence can host up to 30 people at a given time. Since the Clemsfold House also has a lake in close proximity, while residing at the home, you can always tour around and even get to glance at what nature has to offer. Far from that, the house is well equipped with qualified nurses and other staff members who are always ready to serve at any given time of the day.


Sussex Healthcare is an organization that has always been geared towards offering quality healthcare options. Additionally, with more than 15 healthcare facilities around Europe, more people can get access to the specialized treatment options that are provided by Sussex Healthcare.

Torch Award is an annual event held by BBB, Better Business Bureau, awards to choose companies who display extraordinary practices, social responsibility, and excellent leadership in their companies in the whole year. The award is given to businesses who face a panel of judges for a thorough vetting process from the independent group. After a thorough vetting, Aloha Company, which is owned by a family, received the 2017 Marketplace Ethics Torch Award. The judges sitting during the vetting said that Aloha Construction Company was shortlisted for the award because of the continuous support it gives to the community through its philanthropic activities.


Because of Better Business Bureau’s style of vetting through involving various prominent judges, every winner feels honored. The shortlisted company must be of high standards in matters related to the relationship between its clients, staff, and the local community. This respectable award recognizes all the hard working companies and businesses. Every winner of this award feels respected and honored because it takes time, strict qualifications, and resources to emerge the winner. Every nominee company must have employees who are ready to adhere to best ethical practices through listening to others and make an improvement where needed. Additionally, the company must employ the act of teamwork in its operations. Another qualification is the ability to unite all staff members of, and the staff should show a substantial commitment of unity. Additionally, the nominee company should display a need to improve in performance using strategic measures and commitment. The company should also value its employees and have a passion for supporting both the community and other companies.


David Farbaky started Aloha Construction in 2008, and the company specializes in gutters, slide replacements, and roofing. The Illinois based construction company is also a general contractor and has finished over 18,000 projects. Aloha, construction is dedicated to loving, committing, and driving community-based activities.

College students from the Academy of Art University are participating in New York Fashion this week by presenting their collections at the Pier 59 Studios showroom. The students will present a runway show that will display their determination, hard work and talent in an environment filled with some of fashion’s biggest names.

The School Of Fashion at the Academy of Art University is a revered school. The program has taught and trained some of the biggest names working in fashion today. The professionals teaching these students aim to direct them down a path that will prepare them for the thrilling career and pace of working in fashion. A total of seventeen students from the university have created both menswear and womenswear clothing collections. These collections will make their grand debut at New York Fashion Week this September. Media companies will capture these collections as models walk down the runway. Recruiters will take notice of these embarking designers. Fashion industry executives will be taking notes.

The Academy of Art University has always prided themselves on preparing students for the future. They try their best to create opportunities for students seeking a platform to jumpstart their career. Their showroom at this year’s New York Fashion Week is the perfect way and platform the university is enabling their students to get started with their careers.

The Academy of Art University has called San Francisco, California its home since 1929. The school has been a source of creativity, innovation, talent and inspiration. Students flock from dozens of nations to study here. Their online education courses are just as equally educational, engaging and amusing.

The university has a set of beliefs that are implemented into everything they do. They uphold a standard of ethics for art. Their admission process in all inclusive. They provide an education that is only taught by the best. They are urban citizens with a connection and support for the city of San Francisco. The Academy of Art University plans to continue to teach the next generation of visionaries and artists that will take the world by storm with their special talents.

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins created WAX, which is a platform for the development of secure in-game virtual item exchanges. He holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University. CasSelle’s career in the tech industry goes back to the early 90’s where he co-founded and served as the CTO of NetNoir, one of the first media production websites for the Afrocentric culture. From there he served as the Senior Vice President and adviser for Pacific Century CyberWorks, a publicly traded company based in Hong Kong. He has led startups in the digital industry, including MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China.

Along with leading them, he has invested in a number of familiar companies. This includes: Facebook, Zynga and funds in big data and block-chain verticals. In 2016 Malcolm CasSelle was named CTO President of new ventures at Tronc; formerly Tribune Publishing and leading up to where he is today, you can see that his track record is phenomenal. With all of his success he has done some philanthropy, raising billions for PCCW’s public offering and private sectors.

The idea for WAX came from CasSelle’s experience at OPSkins and the trading of virtual items from video games. In two years the company became a multi-billion dollar organization. For them, it was an obvious innovation to create WAX, and they had to jump on it before someone else did. They essentially built their competitor. Once CasSelle got the an idea in his mind, he immediately tried to bring it to life by collaborating and talking it through with others in his industry. Working a goal backwards allows the first step to reveal itself, states CasSelle. Studying and asking a lot of questions is his biggest recommendation to any young or up and coming entrepreneur in the tech industry.

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Just like most people, Dr. Mark McKenna found himself stuck between two passions. Though he is today an established medical practitioner, the renowned entrepreneur gained his passion for investing in the real estate business while studying medicine at the Tulane University Medical School. While still young, Dr Mark gained inspiration regarding the medical field from the many talks that he used to hold with his father, who was also a doctor. His talks were full of encouragement and motivation, and they attracted the attention of Dr Mark, who wished to follow in his steps.

Dr. Mark McKenna gained the passion for real estate, and he believed that it would be a lucrative venture. He established a vast number of ventures, with the McKenna Ventures Investments being his very first investment in the real estate sector. The firm majorly focused on offering financial and real estate services to its clients. His business later failed as a result of the severe effects of the Hurricane Katrina, which also prompted him to move from New Orleans to Atlanta. The renowned doctor later realized that real estate investment was not his thing and he entirely dedicated himself towards concentrating to his medical career. He has continued to grow in his profession, and he has emerged to be the most sought out medical practitioner of all time.

Dr. Mark McKenna saw many opportunities in the field of medicine, and he believed that the booming technological developments that took place in the country served a great deal in fuelling growth and development in his career. Besides launching many other ventures that are related to the medical field, dr mark recently launched the OVME firm which is entirely dedicated to offering cosmetic and aesthetic services to his clients. Through the firm, Dr. Mark McKenna has created a great environment for his clients and helped a significant number of them regain their self-esteem through enhancing their looks and overall physical appearance. Dr Mark McKenna has continued to inspire people through his determination and ability to overcome every challenge that comes his way, and he is among the most sought out medical practitioners today.

India is the second-most populated country on planet Earth, housing well over one billion people. Even though its population is substantial – one might think so many people could join forces and create big businesses or great organizations – India is also one of the poorest nations in today’s world.


With little money comes reduced access to proper healthcare. Many people in India quite literally never visit a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or any other healthcare professional. As such, many Indian natives suffer from preventable health issues that simple education or social services could have easily, readily, predictably prevented. One of the most common major health issues that Indians suffer from is blindness.


More than one percent of the native population of India suffers from a visual impairment, many of which are completely blind. Experts believe that more than 70 percent of all blind people could have prevented damage to their eyes; this statistic is believed to be even higher for the blind or legally-blind population of India.


Poor people without healthcare aren’t on their own, however


Organizations funded by more well-off countries are often deployed to people in need throughout the world’s poorest places. Sightsavers is one of these organizations.

Founded in 1950 by a blind man himself, the British Empire Society for the Blind was created in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has branched off into tens of countries and created permanent offices in India, Italy, Norway, and several countries throughout southern and central Africa.


More than 300 million people have been protected against river blindness – its scientific name is called onchocerciasis – since Sightsavers‘ inception nearly. 70 years ago. The condition is initialized by a parasite that lives on the black fly. In many cases, severe infestations of bites result in the transmission of the parasitic worm Onchocerca volvulus into the bloodstream, eventually causing blindness.


Fortunately for the people of Africa who are ravaged by this disease, Sightsavers regularly educates people who are susceptible to coming down with river blindness about preventative measures and provides communities with ample medication to treat infestations.

The most passionate physicians are impelled to do their best in their career because of their vision and mission to help patients improve their wellbeing. But that’s not only where the ideas and insight of physicians are most useful. Sometimes the life advice of the doctors who have stayed long in the business can also be helpful. And some of this helpful medical insight today would have to be from the Saad Saad advice that readers can learn from the life of Dr. Saad Saad.



One of the many informative sources of life lessons from Dr. Saad Saad is from the Medical Daily Times. It is there that people and readers are reminded that the pediatric surgeon career of Dr. Saad Saad has already spanned 40 years. This years of experience just puts a stamp of quality to the way he delivers his work. It puts a stamp of credibility that not many doctors are able to give. With more than 1,000 children he already helped, this would not just be a claim without official backing. There’s already actual proof that Dr. Saad Saad delivers the quality results his patients require of him.



In the article, Dr. Saad Saad also did an interview and shared some of the important life advice he learned throughout his career. One of the tips he shared is on how to get rid of an object swallowed by a child. He shared that scooping it with a finger is not the best idea. Doing a Heimlich maneuver would have to be the best method if the child is old enough. Otherwise, going to the emergency room would have to be the next best thing.Background of Dr. Saad Saad



It should be added here that Dr. Saad Saad’s official personal background would have to start by saying that he got his medical license in the United States. Thereafter, he worked for a royal Saudi Arabian family as its personal pediatric doctor. He also served at the King Faisal Hospital and now that he is retired in his New Jersey home with his family, he now enjoys the fruits of his hard work, while sharing his life advice to the next generation of doctors. Learn more :

As an investment personality, it is always important to conduct research on the kind of investment that will bring maximum results. This has led to the emergence of professional personalities that have invested in the development and establishment of successful business ventures. Paul Mampilly is a renowned figure in the financial and business world. His career path has been full of success stories from the organizations he worked for. He graduated from Fordham University in 1991 and got his first employment opportunity as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This was an eye-opening opportunity as it prepared him for a fruitful investment career that would make him be among the most sought-after financial leaders.

Paul Mampilly has contributed towards educating entrepreneurs through writing articles on financial management and development. In a recent article on Banyan Hill Publishing, he advises people to focus on the internet of things. Paul Mampilly says that technological advancement has seen the rise of the internet which is an integral point in business development. It is important to invest in devices that allow easy connectivity to the internet and can easy transmit data from one point to another. The future depends on the development of robust communication channels that enable information sharing easy. Paul Mampilly used an example of Pratt & Whitney PW1000G plane engines which uses over 5000 sensors for it to function properly. The engine generates up to 10 GB of data every second, which is used in gathering the required information to improve safety and efficiency of operation.

Paul Mampilly has seen potential in the technological advancement, and as such, he has advised many companies to invest in data collection and management. Companies that invest in making and developing sensors analyze data and store data sensor are likely to make it big in the market. He has a long history having been born in India from a humble background. He got his college education in India and later moved to Dubai where together with his sister, they started investing with the aim of capitalizing on the economic growth witnessed. He holds a degree in business administration that has been instrumental in his success.

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Johanan Rand is an individual that helps his patients that suffer the effects of aging. The aging process can be hard for people to understand. Johanan Rand believes in educating his patients so that the effects of aging doesn’t become to much for them to handle. Rand’s goal is to improve the quality of his patients lives using a combination of hormonal therapies and lifestyle changes that include exercise so that they live a full, healthy life. The results are astounding as immediate results are seen if the protocols are followed.


What these treatments do is go straight to the main focus of the persons health. Treating the symptoms helps, but treating the underlying issue is what Johanan Rand addresses. These treatment protocols treat everything from depression, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, stress, and moodiness. These treatment regiments work for a long time so the results aren’t short lived. In order to benefit to the fullest from these treatments, tests need to be run so that the proper treatment can be started.


Patient commendations paint the picture of how their quality of life has greatly improved since beginning treatments that Johanan Rand gave them. Patients often go from being sedentary within their daily lives and routines to going out to family functions and experiencing things they had given up on at one time because of their symptoms. Another example of a medical issue that many men face is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to become erect enough to have sexual intercourse. The stress of this condition can become overwhelming because losing the intimate part of yourself is like losing a part of your life. Often this is an embarrassing subject to discuss but with patient testimonials that commend Johanan Rand for his outstanding treatments, it is becoming more easy to discuss so that their quality of life greatly improves.


Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center. This center is the leading practice that addresses health issues that occur as we get older. With his experience in this field, and the rigorous treatment regiments, patients quality of life greatly improves.



Recap: Inflation in Japan


In 2016, the policymakers in Japan were worried about a possible deflation in the country’s economy. This fear prompted the Bank of Japan to act by implementing measures that would help fight deflation. As a result, the country’s interest rates were lowered. According to the Bank of Japan, this move is expected to continue indefinitely as the Bank seeks to increase inflation up to the set rate of 2%.


According to Steve Sjuggerud, the move by the bank will help the growth of the country’s economy and strengthen the stock market. His prediction has since then proved quite accurate. The country has experienced an increase in its stock by 20% since the implementation of these policies. However, things took an unexpected turn when the Governor of Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda announced that the bank was seeking to end the country’s stimulus program. Kuroda still hopes that the state will reach the targeted 2% inflation in a short period. However, several people such as Steve do not necessarily agree with Kuroda’s point of view in this matter. According to Steve, Japan is nowhere close to 2% in inflation and the country will not have achieved its goal even by 2019.


About Stansberry Research


Stansberry Research is a publishing company that is privately run and owned. It was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. The company’s headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A. The firm is involved in research especially with issues to do with finance and specialises on topics to do with oil, power, natural resource and mining companies. Before starting the Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry was the Editor of the English-language financial newsletter which is the oldest of its kind. He was the first American editor to work with the newsletter.


Steve Sjuggerud is the founder of True Wealth which is a publication of Stansberry Research and was started in 2001. The publishing company is made up of a professional team who seek to educate the public about various investment strategies. It operates in over 100 countries and also has an interest in alternative forms of investment.



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