Month: May 2016

Ross Abelow Launches A GoFundMe Campaign To Provide Shelter To Homeless Animals

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Ross Abelow has seen the need to provide shelter to many homeless animals in New York City. To this end, the New York City attorney launched a Go Fund Me campaign, which will aid in providing animal shelters within the city. Launched on January 13, the goal of the Go Fund Me campaign is to…

Good News for Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

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Thor Halvorssen On Socialism

Posted by in Active Activists, Human Rights Leaders

In a recent interview on Fox News it is stated that Bernie Sanders is running as a socialist candidate. Then an interview with Thor Halvorssen of the group called the Human Rights Foundation begins. In the interview Mr. Halvorssen states that socialism as a form of government can lead to violations of basic human rights….

NutriMost System Works

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Nutrimost is not done alone. The healthy program is overseen by doctors ( who are with you every step of the way. NutriMost is individualized in that every person’s health is analyzed thoroughly. A Body Composition Analysis is conducted to determine your metabolic age. This is figured out by analyzing the body’s internal chemistry and…

Revelations That Could See The Fall of George Gascon

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San Francisco D.A. George Gascon could find himself in a lot of trouble if the allegations leveled against him are true. Gascon, who at one point had a good relationship with the police union, now claims that the union is obstructive. However, according to a sworn declaration by a former close acquaintance Gary Delagnes, the…

Avi Weisfogel DDS Partners with GoFundMe and Operation Smile to Help Brighten Children’s Days

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In a recent press release Avi Weisfogel revealed his GoFundMe campaign dedicated to raising funds for Operation Smile, a charitable organization that provides free and low cost operations for children and young adults born with dental deformities. Operation Smile was founded in 1982 and has since expanded its operations to over 80 countries. You can…

Helane Morrison Paves the Way for Women

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If women need a professional role model who embodies the goal of shattering glass ceilings, then they need look no further than Helane Morrison. In an article published by Project Eve details how Morrison has made a prolific rise to the top in her professional career in an industry that has long been dominated by…

Marc Sparks Can Solve The Problems For New Entrepreneurs

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Marc Sparks is the President of Timber Creek Capital, LP that is headquartered in Dallas Texas. The venture capital firm has a spectacular reputation for addressing their client’s individual needs for the startups of the new entrepreneur’s. Whether it’s capital for purchasing, graphic arts for advertising, customer service and the equipment needed to run a…

Sam Tabar Is Now The COO Of FullCycle Energy Fund

Posted by in Energy Services

An article published on PRnewswire made mention of the fact that Sam Tabar, a man who is also a very accomplished attorney, is now the Chief Operation Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. While in this position Tabar will be responsible for fund management strategy of the company. Tabar said on Twitter that he was honored…

FreedomPop Rolls Out Free WhatsApp Service

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Free WhatsApp service is going to come to people who are using FreedomPop because they are now getting that on all their phones. There are a lot of people who come to FreedomPop because they want to be able to save money, and they are going to be able to get a free plan or…

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