Month: July 2016

Lake Tahoe Skiing Vacations For The Family

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  Traveling to Lake Tahoe will provide for an excellent skiing vacation, and there are quite a few people who will enjoy learning to ski one of the most lovely locations in America. The mountains of northern California that brush against Nevada have scenic mountains that will host skiers in the winter season, and this…

Singer Songwriter Doug Levitt Talks About His Greyhound Diaries Journey

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Singer and songwriter Doug Levitt offers up a taste of America with his “Greyhound Diaries.” His 100,000 mile journey over 8 years has taken him to all parts of the country to explore the lives of people who have been mostly forgotten. In his possession, he has thousands of mementos, songs, postcards of the individuals…

Why Ken Goodgame is a Marketing Guru

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Strategic marketing ranks among the main factors that guarantees a firm’s longevity in business. Every business needs a strong marketing team to push its products in an ever-competitive consumer market. Many businesses have experienced solid returns by simply initiating strategic marketing mechanisms. Kenneth Goodgame is among the most recognizable names as far as marketing is…

Talk Fusion Wins A Prestigious Award And Continues To Impress

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Talk Fusion is a company that seems to always be making news. Recently, Talk Fusion received mentions for its fantastic charity work. On top of this news, the online media is reporting a very special award has been given to Talk Fusion. The Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a top name in online marketing, has named…

Successful Dentist Avi Weisfogel Master Plan

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Successful Dentist, Avi Weisfogel, has a master plan. His plan is to become involved with the community and reach out to those that truly need his help. He is also a man that is very involved with music. Avi Weisfogel knows that this is a way to reach a wider audience and share his concerns….

Eric Pulier’s devoted to help the chronically ill

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In writing this article, one can’t help but become intrigued of Eric Pulier, father of four currently living in Los Angeles, CA. During his elementary school years, fourth grade specifically, he began programming computers which led eventually to a database company he started in high school. He went on to graduate from Harvard in 1988…

Competent Advisory Board and Astute Leaders who are Leading DIVERSANT LLC to Greatness

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DIVERSANT LLC is indisputably one of the biggest and fastest expanding IT staffing and Solutions Company in the United States. The African-American owned firm provides IT services on contract, commission, and permanent basis to meet the unique demands of its Fortune 500 and corporate clients across several industries. CEO, Gene Waddy At the top of…

James Dondero and Linda Own Join Hands to Expand Charitable Operations of Highland Capital Management

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In one of the high-profile business moves, prominent civic leader, Linda Owen, is hired by the Highland Capital Management firm to oversee its philanthropic activities. As such, Linda will take charge as a Charitable Giving Manager of the prominent Dallas based firm. Her new role will involve working with Dallas Foundation to ensure that millions…

Memorable Accomplishments of Stephen Murray that Contributed to CCMP Capital Success

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Since 2006, Mr. Stephen Murray contributed to structuring hedge funds and raising capital at CCMP Capital, a private equity investment firm. Mr. Murray retired from the investment firm, in February 2015 and passed away in his home, on March 12, 2015. Before resigning from CCMP, Mr. Murray raised $3.6 billion in the Capital Investors III…

The Theft Of Doe Deere’s Photo: How Credit Was Stolen

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Proudly posting a gorgeous photograph of her and her new Pidgin doll look alike, created by Joshua David McKenney, Doe Deere reached out to her 300 thousand Instagram followers to give her friend Joshua exposure. Though intentions were positive, a 66 year old artist named Richard Prince of Gagosian Gallery sought out personal profit from…

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