Month: August 2016

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A True Success Story

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Whenever a word like surgery is thrown around, a lot of people can get very nervous. When someone is talking about beauty surgery, it can be even more dicey and scary. However, there is a doctor in Austin that is a success story and someone that has worked her way from the bottom all the…

Reasons to Use FreedomPop

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For a FreedomPop review, it is a mobile carrier that offers some of the best quality services which includes data, voice calls, as well as texts all at an inexpensive cost that can save money for individuals who are trying to live modestly or for those parents that need a mobile carrier that they can…

Doe Deere Commits to Colorful Beauty

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Can dreams really come true, especially dreams that involve working with the colors you love and making the world a little more beautiful in the process? In the case of Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, the answer is absolutely yes. Doe Deere is a Russian emigre who started out as a musician but then found…

George Soros: Europe’s Future Lies in Ukrainian Alliance

Posted by in Ukraine

It’s been more than a couple of years since Ukraine ousted their former president and lost a portion of their country to Russia through a military-driven annexation. Billionaire investor George Soros has pointed to the need Ukraine has for international aid if they are ever to move past their current economic woes, and he makes…

The Kabbalah Centre International

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It is significantly important to realize that Kabbalah is more of us being less egocentric and being other-centric instead. Literally, the translation of Kabbalah is “that which is received”. According to Kabbalah, for a person to receive, he or she must be receptive. Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom, which helps in revealing how the life…

ClassDojo – A Fun Way For Parents, Teaches and Students to Interact

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As a parent, we often wonder what our child is doing throughout the school day and would love the opportunity to look into our child’s day in their learning environment while also feeling reassured they are getting what they need. Teachers would love to be able to communicate with parents and now they can. ClassDojo…

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