Month: December 2016

New Brunswick Businessman Sam Boraie Is Following In His Father’s Footsteps

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New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of those Jersey cities that has gotten a bad rap. New Brunswick has always been a step above cities like Newark, Jersey City, Trenton and Hoboken because Rutgers University is located in downtown New Brunswick. Johnson and Johnson, one of America’s most recognizable company’s, also calls downtown New Brunswick…

Billy McFarland Hits A Home Run For Sure

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Magnises is the New York City company that Billy McFarland has put on the map as the key spot for millennials. It is a platform for them to connect and receive very attractive discounts and perks at their favorite restaurants, clubs, bars, nightspots, cafes, travel venues and events. Membership costs a reasonable annual fee of…

Cone Marshall Representatives Discuss Reasons To Develop An Estate Plan

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Cone Marshall, New Zealand’s most established tax and estate planning law firm, has recently conducted a group informative session in an effort to encourage New Zealand citizens to develop estate plans. Karen Marshall, the co-founder and executive attorney at Cone Marshall, stated that New Zealand citizens who earn average to slightly above average incomes often…

Hero of Human Rights

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Thor Halvorssen has many titles, but nothing personifies him more than the title, human rights advocate. He began to practice activism full time when his father was declared a political prisoner in Venezuela. His father was charged for being involved in bank fraud and money laundering. After being tortured by the Venezuelan government, Halvorssen intervened….

Eric Lefkosky and his Tempus Initiative

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Eric is an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded Tempus. He was born in 1969and grew up in South Field, Michigan. His Dad was an Engineer while hi mom was a Sunday school teacher. Through his Tempus technology, he is attempting to beat cancer. The technology is made in such a way that information is…

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