Month: January 2017

Finding the Right Planner

Posted by in Event Planners, New York

Planning an event can be an exciting time. This can also be a stressful time as there are a lot of details that go into an event. Not everyone has the desire to put in the necessary work an event requires. The services of a qualified event planner would be needed.   There are many…

Goettl Offers Quality Residential and Commercial HVAC Service

Posted by in HVAC Service

Goettl Air Conditioning, first established by Gust and Adam Goettl, has been in the heating and air conditioning installation and service business since 1939. The seven decades of technology and transitions has changed the look of the business and industry, however, one important factor has not changed, and that is customer service.   Goettl Air…

WEN by Chaz Hair Care Transforms Hair From Dull To Dazzling

Posted by in Hair Care

WEN is a hair care line that offers an alternative to caring for one’s hair. Normal shampoo strips hair and conditioners add back artificial oils to hair. WEN skips this process and uses a system that moisturizes hair by letting natural oils remain. WEN cleansing conditioner by Chaz Dean ( is made of simple ingredients…

How George Soros used maverick theory to beat the market

Posted by in Business and Philanthropy

George Soros took an early interest in philosophy. In 1947, he was accepted to the London School of Economics, where he studied under famed philosophy professor Karl Popper. The young Soros was strongly impressed by the latter’s intellectual rigor and pursued his studies with ferocity. Soros was enraptured by Popper’s seminal work in civic philosophy,…

The Triumph of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Posted by in Young Entrepreneur

Now that Waiakea Water has reached an astonishing growth of more than 5,000 percent, as an incentive, the bottled water brand will open a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii. The founder of waiakea water Ryan Emmons, whose business is estimated to have a worth of more than $9 million, is thrilled about the results. According…

Securus video visitation provides big savings for the holidays

Posted by in Inmate Communication App

Securus Technologies has been implementing its widely acclaimed video visitation technology in prisons throughout the United States over the last decade. Recently, it has decided to get the word out about the many benefits video visitation offers over traditional in-person visits. With the holidays nearing, Securus has gone out of its way to make sure…

The Importance of Comparative Law

Posted by in Law, Lawyers

Comparative law is a special arm of law that mostly focuses on the differences and similarities in the national laws of different countries. Comparative law also focuses on the diverse legal systems that are used to govern nations in the modern times. The unique field of law encompasses disciplines like Jewish law, socialist laws, and…

Eric Lefkofsky Blends Entrepreneurship and Caring for the Greater Good

Posted by in Business and Philanthropy, Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky is probably best known as the co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, a popular e-commerce site that connects subscribers with deals on a variety of goods and services in 500 cities all over the world. But, Lefkofsky’s most heartfelt and important endeavor yet may be as co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus was…

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, a Leader in their Field

Posted by in Anesthesiology, Doctors

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association strives to provide the best service and care to their clients. It is of the utmost importance that patients feel comfortable with their medical decisions. Housed in Austin, Texas, the Capitol Anesthesiology Association has become one of the most beloved medical facilities in the area. Clients cannot say enough positive things…

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