Month: August 2018

Insightful Facts about Dr Mark McKenna

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Just like most people, Dr. Mark McKenna found himself stuck between two passions. Though he is today an established medical practitioner, the renowned entrepreneur gained his passion for investing in the real estate business while studying medicine at the Tulane University Medical School. While still young, Dr Mark gained inspiration regarding the medical field from…

Sightsavers Helps The Poor

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India is the second-most populated country on planet Earth, housing well over one billion people. Even though its population is substantial – one might think so many people could join forces and create big businesses or great organizations – India is also one of the poorest nations in today’s world.   With little money comes…

The Life and Emergency Service Advice from Dr. Saad Saad

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The most passionate physicians are impelled to do their best in their career because of their vision and mission to help patients improve their wellbeing. But that’s not only where the ideas and insight of physicians are most useful. Sometimes the life advice of the doctors who have stayed long in the business can also…

Why Paul Mampilly remains a key player in the financial world

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As an investment personality, it is always important to conduct research on the kind of investment that will bring maximum results. This has led to the emergence of professional personalities that have invested in the development and establishment of successful business ventures. Paul Mampilly is a renowned figure in the financial and business world. His…

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