Month: November 2018

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the Man Behind CAOA

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Automobile sales manufacturing in Brazil has come a long way since the country has opened its doors to the importation of automobiles in 1990. Releasing itself from protectionist economic policies proved to be a huge boon for the car industry as more cars entered the market, which in turn reduced the costs of purchasing cars….

Gareth Henry’s Fast Rise to Success

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We’ve all heard about people who enter college to be mathematicians and math scholars, and if you are like me, you wonder why in the world would someone want to become a scholar of math? How in the world will this help their future? Well, it does, and I’m about to explain how it has…

Robert Ivy’s Outstanding Professional Success

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Robert Ivy has written journals that have been regarded as the most read in architecture. He obtained his knowledge when he started working as the Chief editor in 1996 for an Architectural Record. Ivy later became the Director of editing and the deputy president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media that had GreenSource in it containing the…

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