Academy of Art University Showroom For Fashion Week

College students from the Academy of Art University are participating in New York Fashion this week by presenting their collections at the Pier 59 Studios showroom. The students will present a runway show that will display their determination, hard work and talent in an environment filled with some of fashion’s biggest names.

The School Of Fashion at the Academy of Art University is a revered school. The program has taught and trained some of the biggest names working in fashion today. The professionals teaching these students aim to direct them down a path that will prepare them for the thrilling career and pace of working in fashion. A total of seventeen students from the university have created both menswear and womenswear clothing collections. These collections will make their grand debut at New York Fashion Week this September. Media companies will capture these collections as models walk down the runway. Recruiters will take notice of these embarking designers. Fashion industry executives will be taking notes.

The Academy of Art University has always prided themselves on preparing students for the future. They try their best to create opportunities for students seeking a platform to jumpstart their career. Their showroom at this year’s New York Fashion Week is the perfect way and platform the university is enabling their students to get started with their careers.

The Academy of Art University has called San Francisco, California its home since 1929. The school has been a source of creativity, innovation, talent and inspiration. Students flock from dozens of nations to study here. Their online education courses are just as equally educational, engaging and amusing.

The university has a set of beliefs that are implemented into everything they do. They uphold a standard of ethics for art. Their admission process in all inclusive. They provide an education that is only taught by the best. They are urban citizens with a connection and support for the city of San Francisco. The Academy of Art University plans to continue to teach the next generation of visionaries and artists that will take the world by storm with their special talents.

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