Beneful Dog Food Choices Found at Walmart

Is your dog one of the family? Are you looking for a new dog food to try? Are you unhappy with the current dog food you are using? If so, Purina has the solution. Purina Beneful dog food is one choice that you and your dog might like. If you have a dog that has a sensitive stomach or that is allergic to grain, you might consider Beneful Grain Free with Farm Raised Chicken. The cost of a 12 pound bag is under 18 dollars. The cost per pound is $1.44. There are no grains inside, there is no corn and most importantly, there is no soy or wheat. The number one ingredient is chicken. There is accents of pumpkin, spinach and even blueberries.

Does your dog not like chicken or beef? If so, Beneful has the option to purchase a dry dog food made with real salmon. This food is loaded with omega fatty acids and this helps to support skin and coat. This food is completely balanced for any dog breed. The cost per pound is just under a dollar.

If your dog loves can food, the Beneful IncrediBites for small dogs is perfect for any small breed dog. It can be mixed with dry food if your dog likes that. The ingredients inside of the can is real ingredients and there is a good sauce to serve over dry food. It is completely balanced and offers great nutrition for puppies and adult dogs.

One of the best food choices for dogs who are playful is the Beneful Playful Life with Real Beef and Egg. The bag size is just under 16 pounds and the cost per pound is low coming in at just under a dollar per pound. A 15 and a half pound bag is right under 14 dollars. It is rich in protein and this helps to keep your dogs muscles strong which is important when they are playful. Beneful on Walmart.

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