Betsy DeVos; A Philanthropist and Charitable Giver


Betsy DeVos is the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States. She was nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed the U.S. Senate. Before the nomination, she was a children’s advocate.






Personal Background






Betsy DeVos was born in January 1958. She grew up in Holland. She is a graduate of Calvin College which is in Grand Rapids. Betsy is married to an entrepreneur, a community activist, and a philanthropist, Dick DeVos. Together, they have four children.






She has worked for several local charitable organizations, e.g., Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts. She has also served as a chairperson of Widquest Group which is an investment management firm. Being a children advocate, she had the mandate to ensure that underserved kids got quality education. She was able to achieve this.






Philanthropy Work






I think that she was the right candidate to be nominated as Secretary of Education. She is a proven innovator, an advocate, and a leader. She has been a significant pioneer in fighting for the conducive environment for all kind of people to thrive.






I also find her very active in the community. Previously, she served as a chair of The Philanthropy Roundtable. She used this position to empower members of the community who were looked down upon. Betsy DeVos also headed American Federation of Children. She has also served many boards, e.g., American Enterprise Institute, Art Prize among others.






Betsy and Dick started a family foundation in 1989. It was motivated by faith and aimed at supporting leadership, education, community, arts, and justice. The organization donated funds to hospitals, art organizations, and schools. I, therefore, find her as an essential community member.






Financial Giving






When Betsy DeVos and her husband started their family foundation, they started giving charitable contributions. For instance, in 2015, they donated a total of $ 11.6 million. This amounts to $139 million of donation in the family’s lifetime. They were ranked position 24 by Forbes for being one of the best American givers.






They mostly donate to Christian Organizations. They once donated $ 50 million to these organizations between 1999 – 2014. However, they also target health research institutes, art organizations, evangelical missions and Christian Schools.






Concerning donations focused on education, the foundation donated around $ 5.2 million to charter schools, $ 59,750 to public schools and $ 8.5 million to Christian schools. Personally, I think that DeVos is more interested in transforming education sector.






She is also known for giving school vouchers. This enables the poor student to study in private schools through public funding. The family organization too love providing scholarships to poor students.



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Betsy DeVos is undoubtedly an influential woman. Being nominated as U.S. Secretary of Education, I think that she will use this position to help the poor children. In fact, she is the best choice for this post.





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