Betsy DeVos and a Consistent Demeanor

Betsy DeVos is and has always been a bona fide class act. People who have been in her company cannot dispute that. She was a class act when she was still known to the world as “Elisabeth Prince,” too. That was her name while she was studying at Michigan’s esteemed Calvin College. DeVos knew from a young age that politics was a source of major interest for her. It’s always been something that has consumed her and made her want to move forward.


DeVos is a genuine Renaissance woman. She’s been a thoughtful mother for many years. She’s been a supportive wife for even longer. People can include Secretary of Education, activist and philanthropist titles to her illustrious list of roles. DeVos has been involved in charitable matters for a long period of time. Her charitable focuses are extensive, too. She puts time into all sorts of educational, cultural and social causes. Education has always been something that has made her tick. President Donald Trump knew that DeVos was the person who would do the best as his administration’s Education Secretary. DeVos’ eagerness to speak up about the educational system in the United States is unwavering. She has insight that relates to educational choice issues that never seems to end. She has knowledge that involves educational vouchers that can aid students of all kinds. She has proficiency that pertains to charter schools as well. Dick DeVos is the name of her trusted husband. He’s equally interested in the world of charter schools. People can see that by taking a quick look at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is an eminent charter school that’s situated at Grand Rapids, Michigan’s airport. Since the school concentrates on all varieties of aviation topics, this is 100 percent fitting. Many students who are enthralled by air travel attend the institution. The institution even welcomes students who hail from distant settings. There are some West Michigan Aviation Academy pupils who solely go home on weekends when they have the time. Dick made the school happen.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a subject that fills Betsy DeVos up with pride and achievement. Betsy and Dick established this admired not-for-profit in the late eighties. It’s been an avenue for charitable donations of all varieties since 1989 or so. The couple’s enthusiasm for the organization hasn’t waned in the slightest throughout its lifespan. It actually may even grow stronger by the day.


DeVos has taken her Education Secretary role up a notch. She does her best to assist President Trump during events. If people ask her questions about the President’s comments and actions, she responds to them with all of the care in the world. She’s a prudent and detail-oriented woman who never takes to impulsive behaviors. Her consistent attitude is legendary at this point. People who watch DeVos may pick up on her demeanor. They may also pick up on the qualities that are inside of her heart. She’s a family woman who wants to nurture others.


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