Beverly Hills Auto Group Of New York Features The Most Popular BMW Models

Beverly Hills Auto Group located in Woodside, NY is a premier used BMW dealer that features the most popular resales in the region. This dealer recognizes that the most important quality of a used BMW is its ability to provide a new owner with exceptional German-quality luxury that is not found in any other type of vehicle.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is aware of the value retained by certain BMW vehicles. This is why it features the most sought-after models.


The BMW X3


This compact SUV is both stylish and luxurious. The sporty design is only eclipsed by responsive 6-speed engine performance that aids in tight road negotiation.


The BMW 1-Series


This series is exceptionally highly-rated in crash studies, and has retained a high trade value though it has been discontinued by its manufacturer. Owners of the 1-Series report that its interior design is absolutely unmatched when it comes to comfort.


The BMW X5


This model is the preferred choice of people who need more interior space than is traditionally offered by BMW, but retains a couture presence. It is attractive to used BMW buyers because of its utilitarian options and price range.


Beverly Hills Auto Group knows BMW resale, and what specific buyers are looking for in a quality used luxury car. The sales team at Beverly Hills Auto Group can match any buyer with the perfect BMW model for their lifestyle and transportation needs.


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