Brian Torchin Is Breaking New Milestones In The Healthcare Industry

Most business owners and recruitment managers have run into the difficulty of hiring staff or better yet, hiring qualified and experienced staff. This is especially true in the medical and legal industries. This is quite a stressful and expensive task for most corporations as there is usually an abundance of applications, but very few qualified or worthy professionals for the position. Brian Torchin is the owner of a well-known staffing company know as HCRC Staffing, which is taking out much of the legwork for companies around the country. Brian Torchin has personally dealt with staffing issues back when he owned his own chiropractic business. For him, not only was it difficult to find people who wanted to take the position, but good help is often hard to sift through.

HCRC Staffing has assisted more than 200 different companies over the years to help them find the talent they needed without the hassle of training or doing tons of interviews. This includes organizations like hospitals, legal firms, chiropractic centers, and more. There are always positions available in these industries ranging from titles such as an attorney, receptionist, nurse, chiropractor, physical therapist, dentist, physician assistant, secretary, and many more. The opportunities are endless and there are thousands of people all over the country that are qualified and able to take on the positions at respectable companies. HCRC is helping people find their opportunities all over the country, or even close by if it allows.

HCRC was started up in 2007, but it has already garnered the attention of thousands of companies across the nation. Brian has even been featured on various media outlets for his innovative company and reliable business strategies/ After finding so much talent over the years, Brian Torchin was even a featured guest for CNN for his accomplishments at HCRC.

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