Bruce Katzen Fights Jealously For His Clients In Court

Bruce A Katzen is a chair member of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust and the Estate Litigation Practice Group. Graduating from the University of Miami’s School of Law in 1984, he has been practicing law for more than 3 decades. Before practicing law, Bruce Katzen operated as a Certified Public Accountant, receiving his Bachelors of Science Business Administration from Boston University in 1980.


Currently, Bruce Katzen is focusing his practice on litigation, handling guardianship, trust and probate cases, including commercial litigation. On the commercial side, Bruce Katzen also handles FiNRA arbitrations, securities, and accountants and stockbroker liability. He has won numerous awards, including being recognized as the Best Lawyers in America by the U.S. News and World Report. The Best Lawyers list is compiled using a thorough peer review evaluation, including 87,000 industry leading lawyers who are chosen to vote for the winner. Over the years, the publication has received over 9 million evaluations on the legal merits of other lawyers throughout the nation.


Early on in his Career, Bruce Katzen worked as a public accountant. The experience he gained from this harbored impulses in him to explore matters related to complex financial fraud and probate cases. Bruce’s technical background grants him the capability of thoroughly understanding the financial issues and interest he represents in court. Furthermore, this allows him to more precisely examine experts as well as witnesses. Being extremely passionate about his clients, his past professional experience grants him the power to jealously advance his clients position in court.

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