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Mikhail Blagosklonny: The man who’s passionate about keeping you alive.

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Aging and Cancer are one of the biggest killers in our world. Aging definitely is expected to be the end of everyone. According to scientists, aging causes age-related diseases which eventually terminates a life. And research has actually shown that majority of people die from age-related diseases. However, there’s a passionate professor, on this subject,…

Eric Lefkofski’s Big Data Plan

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In this article published May 3, 2017 by Fortune, Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder and CEO of Tempus, expresses that there is a lot of data missing from today’s medical research system. Lefkofsky explained at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego that while there may be no shortage of patient data, there is a lack…

Eric Lefkosky and his Tempus Initiative

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Eric is an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded Tempus. He was born in 1969and grew up in South Field, Michigan. His Dad was an Engineer while hi mom was a Sunday school teacher. Through his Tempus technology, he is attempting to beat cancer. The technology is made in such a way that information is…

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