ClassDojo – A Fun Way For Parents, Teaches and Students to Interact

As a parent, we often wonder what our child is doing throughout the school day and would love the opportunity to look into our child’s day in their learning environment while also feeling reassured they are getting what they need. Teachers would love to be able to communicate with parents and now they can. ClassDojo is a communication app that does just that. It offers a way for parents, teachers and students to share what is happening throughout the school day by using photos, videos, and messages. Using the ClassDojo app improves education throughout schools by helping the parents be more involved in their child’s learning experience in which they can carry over that learning process at home.

ClassDojo is already loved by millions of teachers and tens of millions of parents and is available in 40 languages. Classrooms and schools become close-knit communities and often feel like family through using ClassDojo. It provides a sense of teamwork between the parent and teacher and promotes a better foundation for education. It can also provide a sense of security for the child as they feel more connected to the parent when they are at school and away from them.

ClassDojo is a way to keep parents, teachers and students connected like never before. The students can have a more confident learning experience and the parent and teacher can come together and teach the child together. It is all around good for everyone and only offers the best for the student.

Teachers can use Class Dojo can make a schedule of activities known to parents usually on a daily basis. They can also use the app to take photos or videos and send throughout the day to parents showing off a student’s latest work.

Being able to see your child involved in activities while learning throughout the day is what every parent would want. Communication is key to a successful education and with everyone on the same page by using ClassDojo the child can surely succeed. This learning environment creates a great foundation for everyone involved and also makes it a fun experience.

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