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Hippea brand of chickpea puff snacks is the latest business by actor and investor Leonardo DiCaprio. The new business is a partnership between the actor and a Chicago based Equity firm known as Strand Equity Partners. The two invested an undisclosed amount of dollars to Green Park Brand Inc. a company based in Santa Monica.

When asked how much was invested in the food company, the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brand Inc. Livio Bisterzo declined to revel instead he said that they raised about $2.5 million and the remaining amount came from well-wishers and friends. According to Livio, the Hippea began to market and sell their products in March 2016 making the $2.5 million selling in wholesale revenue over the balance.

Mr. Livio is sure and trusts that his organization will increase their profit this year to over $11million. According to the 36 years old investor, the Green Park was able to take over the market with their products in stores easily due to his past experience as well as connection in initiation two other consumer brands; Little Miracle which is a maker tea drink as well as kyoku which is a men’s clothing line. Bisterzo is a renowned businessman and before his engagement with Hippea; he first sold his idea to both companies. According to Livio, it was not is first to do such a thing in business, he was sure that they had the best product, the best brand, as well as the biggest brand story all they needed, was to avail the product in stores and let the customers know it. Hippea is available in the United States stores among them Albertsons, Von as well as Starbucks. The management plans to make the snack available to other stores as well before the end of the years. Hippea is also available in stores in the United Kingdom where the firm has offices.

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Livio Bisterzo lives in Los Angles together with his family; his wife and their three children. Mr. Livio was born in Italy. At the age of 18, the prominent business person moved to the United Kingdom where he attended his higher education at London Prestigious University of Arts. Being a go-getter and also having an entrepreneur origin, Livio created an event business and he has been a success in assisting other ventures to make it in the business world. Livio is the founder of Green Park Holdings which he established in 2015. Green Park Holding is a food company that is responsible for delivering nutritious and healthy products.

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