Gareth Henry’s Fast Rise to Success

We’ve all heard about people who enter college to be mathematicians and math scholars, and if you are like me, you wonder why in the world would someone want to become a scholar of math? How in the world will this help their future? Well, it does, and I’m about to explain how it has benefited one person named Gareth Henry. Read more on

Gareth Henry is an Actuary. This means that Mr. Henry studied in college and left the University of Edinburgh Scotland with a degree in actuarial mathematics. The main career path that an Actuary will take is within the field of insurance. However, not Gareth Henry. No, Gareth had a different path to follow and it was leading him to investor relations and growing capital.

Gareth had a knack for conversation and in this way, it helped him to rise to the top of the company he worked for “Fortress Investment Group.” He raised capital for this company in many areas including private equity, private credit, hedge funds, and real estate vehicles.

Gareth Henry had indeed become a one of a kind profit guru for the company he worked for and soon was convinced to join “Angelo Gordon & Company.” This company recognized Gareth’s unique ability to understand their clients and his potential to completely satisfy them. Gareth’s talent was extremely beneficial for this company. Before long, Angelo Gordon was pleased enough with Gareth Henry that they offered him a full partnership within the company.

Gareth and his ability to round up clients boosted the Angelo Gordon Company into the world of global relations, putting them on the map across the US, and in other countries such as Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

Today, Gareth has taken his gift of gab and his open mind while listening to his clients’ needs and he has soared to the top of several different companies as Global Head of Investor Relations. His duties are rigorous with an overwhelming time schedule of meetings with clients across the globe. Even so, I don’t think we will see this business icon slow down anytime soon. Visit


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