How Aloha Construction scooped the Torch Award from Better Business Bureau

Torch Award is an annual event held by BBB, Better Business Bureau, awards to choose companies who display extraordinary practices, social responsibility, and excellent leadership in their companies in the whole year. The award is given to businesses who face a panel of judges for a thorough vetting process from the independent group. After a thorough vetting, Aloha Company, which is owned by a family, received the 2017 Marketplace Ethics Torch Award. The judges sitting during the vetting said that Aloha Construction Company was shortlisted for the award because of the continuous support it gives to the community through its philanthropic activities.


Because of Better Business Bureau’s style of vetting through involving various prominent judges, every winner feels honored. The shortlisted company must be of high standards in matters related to the relationship between its clients, staff, and the local community. This respectable award recognizes all the hard working companies and businesses. Every winner of this award feels respected and honored because it takes time, strict qualifications, and resources to emerge the winner. Every nominee company must have employees who are ready to adhere to best ethical practices through listening to others and make an improvement where needed. Additionally, the company must employ the act of teamwork in its operations. Another qualification is the ability to unite all staff members of, and the staff should show a substantial commitment of unity. Additionally, the nominee company should display a need to improve in performance using strategic measures and commitment. The company should also value its employees and have a passion for supporting both the community and other companies.


David Farbaky started Aloha Construction in 2008, and the company specializes in gutters, slide replacements, and roofing. The Illinois based construction company is also a general contractor and has finished over 18,000 projects. Aloha, construction is dedicated to loving, committing, and driving community-based activities.

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