Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and industrial engineering from University of Washington started his career after graduating as a contracts manager. He then developed his own business as a caterer supplying to different people in institutions and industries.

In addition to this business, he became the pioneer of property businesses in Dubai. He holds securities in different markets globally. As an investor and a businessperson, he also ventured in materials and ceramic tiles companies. His greatest achievement is as a founder of Damac properties, the biggest real estate’s venture in Dubai.

Sajwani has worked in different kinds of business. To start with, he supplied food to the United States Army after providing catering services to the workers in energy sector. He worked in different countries like Somalia and Bosnia in this business. As his first international business, it helped him develop good relationship with many leaders. He and Damac have also engaged in London Stock Exchange in offering their shares. He also then decided to venture in property business where he got involved in real estates.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have both social and business relationship. Damac Properties are responsible for construction of the Trump International Course in Dubai. Their families also are known to have had several visitations of each other in their homes. During the New Year’s Eve, the Hussain Sajwani family were invited to Mar-a-Lago, Florida during Mr. Trump’s speech where he mention that Sajwanis’ were lovely people who he had established a relationship with. Sajwani points out that their wives were more outgoing therefore leading to their friendship.

Damac Properties Company founded by Hussain Sajwani is a public company that engages in engineering, architectural and construction of real estates. Moreover, it is involved in development of residential, recreational and commercial properties. It is found in Dubai and the Middle East. It has spread to different countries in the world too such as North Africa, Jordan and Lebanon.

In conclusion, the Damac owner and properties are known for being philanthropists. They have donated to several charities including AED, where they donated lots of money for the clothing of needy children.

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