IC Media Hones Its Reputation Management Plan

Only a few days ago, one of the top global reputation management companies revealed updated strategies toward how the firm plans on continuing to serve its clients.

At the Affiliate Summit West (ASW) conference in New York City, IC launched its new digital marketing plans to the public. The New York-based public relations company used the conference platform to showcase what it has planned for the near future.

Online reputation management is a major part of the company’s service plan, so

IC Media Direct tends to constantly update its approach in order to remain a global leader within the niche industry. This has helped them earn praise from many different industries especially in regards digital branding support.

Not surprisingly, a major strategy within IC MediaDirect are attempts to stay ahead of the curve involving search engine optimization (SEO). The strategy of SEO has helped fuel the need for online reputation management as many companies are seeing the need to have more positive hits online affiliated to them compared to negative ones.

IC MediaDirect strategists also note the importance of first impressions. When reputations can change over time, the development a stronger client base is always aided by positive first contact with companies. In order to create such a positive first-time image, every potential negative feedback must be negated and removed when it comes to company online searches.

Also, one representative from IC MediaDirect noted that choosing the right people to communicate with helps more than going after every and all media platform available. To get the best results in a short time frame, going after the biggest web contributors can help create an immediate change in a client’s online reputation. This means working closely with the top online media sites and search engines such as MSN and Google.

Since its creation in 1996, IC MediaDirect has been a leader in image repair for clients and companies alike. Given its status in digital advertising, getting the company’s strategy can give an unique insight as to how online reputation management can function when done correctly.



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