Innovative Marketing Aims to Change the Health Care Industry: Krishen Iyer Sees the Potential

The American medical field is an extremely busy industry. Consumers have many options to choose between for their healthcare needs. Forbes recently did a study where they uncovered how the U.S. healthcare industry is struggling behind other countries like Canada and New Zealand. The are many significant challenges that American consumers face like limited access to health care in some areas, very high medical expenses, inefficient systems, and unpleasant medical experiences. Krishen Iyer, a marketing veteran, aims to change the American health care system from the inside, out.


Krishen Iyer, of Carlsbad, CA, has used his unique educational background with his degree in public administration to create innovative solutions. Iyer came up with an award-winning marketing campaign for his company. His idea was called “Name My Premium”. It empowered consumers to take control of their medical insurance. Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefits Services in Carlsbad, CA. They offer exceptional marketing and consulting services to medical insurance companies.


Entrepreneurs are the next generation of innovators for the healthcare industry. Krishen Iyer brings his insight into this field. He has used data collection to help him analyze consumer needs, concerns, and areas for opportunity. The entire point of health industry marketing is to bring the companies and consumers together for a united purpose. When a company is able to identify consumer problems that need addressing, find active solutions, and offer them in a meaningful way to the public everyone benefits. Krishen Iyer and Managed Benefits Services aim to take on the challenges with healthcare insurance to increase client satisfaction and retention.

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