Johanan Rand Gives Patients A Second Chance At A Full, Productive Life

Johanan Rand is an individual that helps his patients that suffer the effects of aging. The aging process can be hard for people to understand. Johanan Rand believes in educating his patients so that the effects of aging doesn’t become to much for them to handle. Rand’s goal is to improve the quality of his patients lives using a combination of hormonal therapies and lifestyle changes that include exercise so that they live a full, healthy life. The results are astounding as immediate results are seen if the protocols are followed.


What these treatments do is go straight to the main focus of the persons health. Treating the symptoms helps, but treating the underlying issue is what Johanan Rand addresses. These treatment protocols treat everything from depression, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, stress, and moodiness. These treatment regiments work for a long time so the results aren’t short lived. In order to benefit to the fullest from these treatments, tests need to be run so that the proper treatment can be started.


Patient commendations paint the picture of how their quality of life has greatly improved since beginning treatments that Johanan Rand gave them. Patients often go from being sedentary within their daily lives and routines to going out to family functions and experiencing things they had given up on at one time because of their symptoms. Another example of a medical issue that many men face is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to become erect enough to have sexual intercourse. The stress of this condition can become overwhelming because losing the intimate part of yourself is like losing a part of your life. Often this is an embarrassing subject to discuss but with patient testimonials that commend Johanan Rand for his outstanding treatments, it is becoming more easy to discuss so that their quality of life greatly improves.


Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center. This center is the leading practice that addresses health issues that occur as we get older. With his experience in this field, and the rigorous treatment regiments, patients quality of life greatly improves.



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