Julie Zuckerberg: A Woman For Your Talent Acquisition Needs

Julie Zuckerberg is a famous talent acquisition expert, working with Deutsche Bank since November 2015 as an Executive Recruiter. She currently resides and works in Manhattan, where she grew up and lived her life. Julie graduated from the Brooklyn College with a degree in Philosophy, and afterward attended Law School in New York for her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. JD is a graduate-entry specialized degree in law and one of numerous Doctor of Law degrees. The degree acquired by accomplishing law school in the Canada, United States and Australia, in addition to few other countries. Being an executive recruiter for banking and finance industry does require psychological discipline in addition to the philosophical learning and Julie has both. Deutsche Bank is an exceptional employer, and Julie is a great recruiter.



Julie did not become a great recruiter in a jiffy. She learned about how to talk to an individual because she has to know the desires and the talent of current employees of a financial institution. Employees are the very first weapon she looks at when there’s an open position. Zuckerberg believes that making and promoting lateral moves from within improves morale, build confidence, and a satisfied employee means improvement in company’s growth. Julie also pays close attention to different social media sites. She finds potential employees from individual who do the same job in the banking industry. Trained employees produce faster results when it is about increased performance and productivity.



At times, Julie also likes to get employees involved in her hiring process. Employees help her to identify possible the suitable candidate faster, and they can also contribute details and information about a potential employee before the interview session begins. She believes that failing to use employee information during hiring process might be a mistake, so Julie likes to have an open dialogue with her present employees when there’s an open position available.



Recruiters like Julie use numerous diverse strategies in the business world to appeal new talent. Julie is actively working in numerous professional organizations. She also maintains a very close relationship with other recruiters, university placement offices, and executive search companies across the whole country. Deutsche Bank does have an exceptional employment package, so Zuckerberg does have a lead when she searches for external talent. Plus, Deutsche Bank has an exceptional reputation as a most reputable employer. Keeping Millennial in entry-level positions is no doubt a challenge especially in the banking sector, but Julie, due to his extensive skills can interact with her fresh hires to keep them happy and motivated.



Zuckerberg is busy recruiting even when she isn’t officially needed, and that is because she does not want her client to suffer, not even for a single moment. She still finds time to appreciate good food, art exhibitions and love to spend time outdoors. Julie is a runner and also an avid photographer, so when she isn’t working, she likes to run and taking photos for her personal collection. Julie is a well-rounded individual, and she worked hard to be in order so that she can perform in the stressful banking industry.


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