Makari De Sussie Manufactures Quality Cosmetics for Women and Men of Color

When someone has perfect skin other women wonder what they do to achieve these results. Often the techniques they use are not that complicated or hard to learn. For example, they use the right moisturizer for their skin type. This means they use different types of cremes for oily or acne prone skin or dry skin. Below are some tips from Good Housekeeping on how to achieve perfect skin.

Drink green juices with vegetables in them and try some chylorophyll supplements. This will help your skin with hydration and oxygen. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meats, fish, and poultry. Eat low fat diary products, whole grain breads and pasta, nuts, and use healthy oils. Don’t forget to moisturize your face twice daily.

Another tip is do not touch your face too often. This spread germs and bacteria. Use good products and not too many. Some product are harsh on the skin. Wear sunscreen rain or shine to protect your skin. Drink plenty of water daily this hydrates your skin and helps keep it healthy. Don’t spend time near direct heat it hurts the skin like heaters and fireplaces.

A woman with great skin removes dead skin cells twice weekly by washing and using product recommended by dermatologists for exfoliation. She uses lotions and cremes with vitamins and anti-oxidants that improve the skin. She clean all her makeup brushes regularly, gets plenty of sleep, uses makeup with sun protection, and has a regular skin care routine, according to this article on

Makari is the manufacturer of natural skin care products for men and women with darker skin. Their products are made with natural ingredients like Argan oil, Carrot oil, and Caviar to give the skin moisture and nourishment. Their products lighten skin, reduce dark spots,stretch marks,and help with acne. Their products are manufactured in Switzerland.

There skin lightening soap Intense Lightening Soap is made with Shea Butter and helps prevent wrinkles and lines. Their Lightening Ensemble will lighten skin naturally with Body Milk and Clarifying Soap. The Lightening Exfoliating Soap removes dead skin cells and dry skin and has Organiclarine a natural skin whitening substance.

Makari is the leader in skin care products and skin lightening products for women and men with dark skin. The company makes hair care products, perfumes and sells jewelry and tote bags. It is know for quality products and good customer service.

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