Malcolm CasSelle and his Career in Technology

Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX and the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins created WAX, which is a platform for the development of secure in-game virtual item exchanges. He holds degrees in Computer Science from MIT and Stanford University. CasSelle’s career in the tech industry goes back to the early 90’s where he co-founded and served as the CTO of NetNoir, one of the first media production websites for the Afrocentric culture. From there he served as the Senior Vice President and adviser for Pacific Century CyberWorks, a publicly traded company based in Hong Kong. He has led startups in the digital industry, including MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China.

Along with leading them, he has invested in a number of familiar companies. This includes: Facebook, Zynga and funds in big data and block-chain verticals. In 2016 Malcolm CasSelle was named CTO President of new ventures at Tronc; formerly Tribune Publishing and leading up to where he is today, you can see that his track record is phenomenal. With all of his success he has done some philanthropy, raising billions for PCCW’s public offering and private sectors.

The idea for WAX came from CasSelle’s experience at OPSkins and the trading of virtual items from video games. In two years the company became a multi-billion dollar organization. For them, it was an obvious innovation to create WAX, and they had to jump on it before someone else did. They essentially built their competitor. Once CasSelle got the an idea in his mind, he immediately tried to bring it to life by collaborating and talking it through with others in his industry. Working a goal backwards allows the first step to reveal itself, states CasSelle. Studying and asking a lot of questions is his biggest recommendation to any young or up and coming entrepreneur in the tech industry.

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