Malcolm CasSelle: New Gaming Invention

Malcolm CasSelle is one of the most popular American programmers who has invested in the gaming industry. He is one of the most successful gaming entrepreneurs who is revolutionizing the way tokens, and another form of virtual incentives are being used inside the game. He is the creator of WAX, an acronym which stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a decentralized platform that allows all gamers to participate and be present in any virtual marketplace or trade centers. Using the WAX platform will allow the items inside the game to be tokenized, a term which means that all valuable things will be converted to its token form. The WAX platform is also responsible for reducing the cost of each item inside the game. Malcolm CasSelle believes that by introducing the tokenization system, it is possible for a virtual marketplace to grow and thrive, and it will open up new opportunities, including the rise of modern trading systems similar to cryptocurrencies that would make an impact to the physical world

People who have started using the WAX platform do not have to worry about its security. The WAX platform is rigorous when it comes to token regulation, and it is being monitored closely by the people running the platform. Each player is also given the right amount of tokens based on their performance inside the game, and whenever a small glitch with the amount of tokens happens, it is corrected immediately. Also, to prevent any fraud inside the game, transfer agents are being hired to do the supervision of each item transfer procedure from different virtual worlds. Transfer agents can be punished if they are involved in any suspicious activities or if they neglected their duties. Transfer agents would be responsible for any sanctions that their guild would encounter if they would try to deceive players who are trying to earn tokens legitimately.

Malcolm CasSelle also added that suspicious activities in the virtual world could be dangerous to any guild, and to prevent any fraudulent activities in the future; he included the blockchain technology in virtual trades and any similar methods.

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