Marc Sparks and His Journey to Business Success

Marc Sparks is the owner of Marc USA, which is a large advertising agency in Pittsburgh and they recently launched Marketing Sparks, which is a program that gives start-up businesses a chance to partner with promotion experts. The main objective of that three-hour sessions that are intensive is for the entrepreneurs to get strategic and tactical marketing communication skills and also come up with business development ideas that increase their chances of success. Mr. Sparks has gotten some of the best experts in various areas like plan, public relations, imaginative investigation, media, and digital. This pool of experts is not only the staff from Marc’s company but also staff members from other local businesses and agencies. Learn more:


The initial Promotion Sparks shall be alleged for those that won the Randall Big Family Inkling Competition that is a platform at the Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute University.


Marc Sparks is quite a successful business man who does not attribute his success to sheer luck, and he also sees himself as an equal to other people; they are not below him. He has even written a book, “They Cannot Eat You” that is accessible for purchase on Amazon. Marc is likewise a philanthropist. Learn more:


Sparks is a serial entrepreneur meaning that he did not start one business but very many of them and is especially noted for his involvement in telecommunication among other businesses. He is also a venture capitalist, providing businesses capital that looks like they will be very successful in future which is, mostly, full of speculation but he has been quite successful.


In his best seller “They Can’t Eat You,” Mr. Sparks has described his path to success. The path has motivated very many people who have decided to enter the business world, and inside the book, there are also some handy tips that can be used for success in business and he also believes that anybody and everybody has what it takes to become successful.


Mr. Marc is a very huge humanitarian, and he contributed to a platform that is in his resident region, Dallas, Texas which assists the youngsters to get high school diplomas. He has also done some work with Habitat for Humanity where they are constructing houses for those people that are in help. In addition to all that, he also volunteers at a homeless shelter in Dallas that is called The Samaritan Inn. Learn more:


Mr. Sparks has great work ethic, and he also has an amazing character that is quite infectious to all those that are around him. He also has an attitude that never says die and always has the urge to share with other people. Learn more:


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