Mike Baur and His Move from Swiss Banking to Creating Start-Ups

Mr. Baur is the founding partner of The Swiss Start-up Factory. He has 20 years experience working with the Swiss Banking Industry and has also been responsible for fundraising and financing rounds that are at the Swiss Start-up Factory. He quit his banking job and he decided to start investing in start-up companies before he founded Swiss Start-up Factory with Mr. Meister and O. Walzer.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was launched in the year 2004. Baur headed the Swiss Start-up Factory through its accelerator platform with Goldback Company at the commencement of 2016. He was named the assistant managing executive of CTI Finance in January 2016 when CTI Invest partnered with The Swiss Start-up Factory. They also partnered with Fintech in the year 2016 February. It is based in Zurich and it usually looks for digital entrepreneurs and they provide broad opportunities from the first day through the strong network in Switzerland and also around the world. They run a three month-long program where they provide a one of a kind that is unique and provide unique service, coaching, mentoring, office space in Zurich’s heart and also an entrepreneurial network to achieve goals.


Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland and he earned a business degree from Bern University and the Rochester University. He started his career in banking when he was 16 years old. Baur worked for USB until 2008 and then worked for Clariden Leu for about six years and received generous and reliable compensation from the bank and he still decided to leave in 2014 and he decide to follow his goal of assisting technology start-ups with young entrepreneurs. The educational process helps them learn how to get the fund they need from investors and the services and opportunities will improve their chances of them being very successful in the long run.


Swiss Start-up Factories also encourage start-up to join pitching contests. Here, financial experts evaluate the start-up businesses and rate the aspects of the young entrepreneurs and the companies that frequently attract substantial investments. Mike Baur also created Think Reloaded and this firm provided financial advice that is sophisticated for their affluent clients.


Mike Bur describes that Swiss Start-up Factory is different from many incubators because it is independent meaning that it does not operate as parts of other businesses or political organisations so it can operate without any conflict of interests. It also has better results because the founders invest heavily in the factory and this ensures the success for everybody who is part of the organization is involved in the success of the factory. He also explained that the name factory is involved in The Swiss Start-up Factory is because it reflects on the nature of the incubator’s continuous effort to create new firms and businesses.


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