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Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC that offer services ranging from small private parties to large corporate events. The services include the selection of venues, catering, floral designs, entertainment, photography, lighting, production, fabrication, branding, styling, holding workshops and custom printing among others. The event planning and design firm have a team of a creative workforce who help in satisfying their client’s needs. Additionally, they have a wide variety of dishes, entertainment, and décor that fit any occasion, be it commercial functions, private celebrations, wedding, galas or charitable events thus creating harmony and a spirit of enthusiasm in the celebrations.

Having a party comes with some challenges that involve planning and hosting it. Various ideas that guide anyone in successfully holding an event without too much of a hassle include having a co-host at the event. A co-host helps in the setting and cleaning up the area, assists in preparing food and serving the guest. With the developments in technology, there are apps like Wunderlist that are used to create checklists and plan for the big day. Digital invitations have also become a lot more popular lately. Order groceries online and enjoy the help of another person.

During the party, the food should be as simple as possible and labeling them would be a good idea in case service is in a buffet style, clean up after the party is over not immediately after dinner. Children will always have free time; therefore, ensure you have enough crafts on hand unless you have arranged for an entertainer. If this is a bit cumbersome for the person holding the event, contact one of the event planning companies in NYC to help in planning for the event.

The Twenty Three Layers Company aims at creating unique events and following up until they get into a successful completion. Their unmatched experience in their service sector earns them clients such as Soho House, Michael Andrews, Tequila Avion, Interclick, Spotify and Jaguar among others. They have numerous reviews as the best event planners in NYC following their excellent services in the industry.

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