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Last May, Andrew attended the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund gala dinner. The event, which was held in London, sought to raise $972,960. This fund would be channeled towards augmenting the Ubuntu Fund’s school campus that is based in Port Elizabeth. In addition, the organizers of the event posited that they were planning to develop a modern pediatric clinic within the school compound. With adequate resources, they would be in a position to accept more disadvantaged children within the locality. The Ubuntu Fund has an innovative program that seeks to take care of the needy youth from when they are young to when they commence their careers. Organizers of the event reported that even though the event took the entire night; they were able to exceed their target.

The chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe, was mandated with the duty of treating the 300 guests to sumptuous meals and music, which was performed by a renowned Xhosa choir. In attendance were two beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund. In addition, many leaders were invited to the podium to make their inspiring speeches. Sinesipho Rabidyani, who is a recipient of the entity’s scholarship, made her speech after dinner. She stole the show. Sinesipho posited that when she was young, she never wanted to be at home owing to her father’s drinking behavior. However, she pursued her studies with all the seriousness it deserves and performed extremely well in her final exam. The management of the Ubuntu Fund was impressed by her success story. To this end, they deemed it fit to give her a scholarship. Moreover, she was offered psychosocial support. Sinesipho was also enrolled for a mentorship program.

About Andrew Rolfe

As an executive of the Ubuntu Fund, Rolfe has played a pivotal role in enhancing its growth. Before assuming his role at the company, he had worked for other renowned entities, including the Gap, Pret A. Manger and PepsiCo Restaurants International.

The graduate of University of Oxford is also a proud alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School where he pursued and earned his MBA. Andrew has also worked for the renowned Booker Foodservice as the chief executive officer. The visionary leader has extensive experience in developing strategic plans and enhancing the growth of the companies that he works for.


Marc Sparks is the owner of Marc USA, which is a large advertising agency in Pittsburgh and they recently launched Marketing Sparks, which is a program that gives start-up businesses a chance to partner with promotion experts. The main objective of that three-hour sessions that are intensive is for the entrepreneurs to get strategic and tactical marketing communication skills and also come up with business development ideas that increase their chances of success. Mr. Sparks has gotten some of the best experts in various areas like plan, public relations, imaginative investigation, media, and digital. This pool of experts is not only the staff from Marc’s company but also staff members from other local businesses and agencies. Learn more:


The initial Promotion Sparks shall be alleged for those that won the Randall Big Family Inkling Competition that is a platform at the Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute University.


Marc Sparks is quite a successful business man who does not attribute his success to sheer luck, and he also sees himself as an equal to other people; they are not below him. He has even written a book, “They Cannot Eat You” that is accessible for purchase on Amazon. Marc is likewise a philanthropist. Learn more:


Sparks is a serial entrepreneur meaning that he did not start one business but very many of them and is especially noted for his involvement in telecommunication among other businesses. He is also a venture capitalist, providing businesses capital that looks like they will be very successful in future which is, mostly, full of speculation but he has been quite successful.


In his best seller “They Can’t Eat You,” Mr. Sparks has described his path to success. The path has motivated very many people who have decided to enter the business world, and inside the book, there are also some handy tips that can be used for success in business and he also believes that anybody and everybody has what it takes to become successful.


Mr. Marc is a very huge humanitarian, and he contributed to a platform that is in his resident region, Dallas, Texas which assists the youngsters to get high school diplomas. He has also done some work with Habitat for Humanity where they are constructing houses for those people that are in help. In addition to all that, he also volunteers at a homeless shelter in Dallas that is called The Samaritan Inn. Learn more:


Mr. Sparks has great work ethic, and he also has an amazing character that is quite infectious to all those that are around him. He also has an attitude that never says die and always has the urge to share with other people. Learn more:


Mr. Baur is the founding partner of The Swiss Start-up Factory. He has 20 years experience working with the Swiss Banking Industry and has also been responsible for fundraising and financing rounds that are at the Swiss Start-up Factory. He quit his banking job and he decided to start investing in start-up companies before he founded Swiss Start-up Factory with Mr. Meister and O. Walzer.


The Swiss Start-up Factory was launched in the year 2004. Baur headed the Swiss Start-up Factory through its accelerator platform with Goldback Company at the commencement of 2016. He was named the assistant managing executive of CTI Finance in January 2016 when CTI Invest partnered with The Swiss Start-up Factory. They also partnered with Fintech in the year 2016 February. It is based in Zurich and it usually looks for digital entrepreneurs and they provide broad opportunities from the first day through the strong network in Switzerland and also around the world. They run a three month-long program where they provide a one of a kind that is unique and provide unique service, coaching, mentoring, office space in Zurich’s heart and also an entrepreneurial network to achieve goals.


Mike Baur grew up in Freiburg, Switzerland and he earned a business degree from Bern University and the Rochester University. He started his career in banking when he was 16 years old. Baur worked for USB until 2008 and then worked for Clariden Leu for about six years and received generous and reliable compensation from the bank and he still decided to leave in 2014 and he decide to follow his goal of assisting technology start-ups with young entrepreneurs. The educational process helps them learn how to get the fund they need from investors and the services and opportunities will improve their chances of them being very successful in the long run.


Swiss Start-up Factories also encourage start-up to join pitching contests. Here, financial experts evaluate the start-up businesses and rate the aspects of the young entrepreneurs and the companies that frequently attract substantial investments. Mike Baur also created Think Reloaded and this firm provided financial advice that is sophisticated for their affluent clients.


Mike Bur describes that Swiss Start-up Factory is different from many incubators because it is independent meaning that it does not operate as parts of other businesses or political organisations so it can operate without any conflict of interests. It also has better results because the founders invest heavily in the factory and this ensures the success for everybody who is part of the organization is involved in the success of the factory. He also explained that the name factory is involved in The Swiss Start-up Factory is because it reflects on the nature of the incubator’s continuous effort to create new firms and businesses.


Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is into real estate development. He took control of his family business in 2010. Namely it is JMH Development that has $500 million invested today in various York state projects. They have many projects going on currently. These include a development that is happening on 184 Kent. Here a warehouse is being turned into 340 luxury apartments.

Another project of JMH Development is for the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. In this nine luxury townhouses are being added to the greater Brooklyn area.

Jason Halpern is committed to JMH Development as he continues to construct new, innovative buildings as a rental property or as commercial business space. These are being built all through the New York State.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

JMH Development is a leading real estate development firm. They are providing complete services as the company has a lot of experience. They have been developer or owner of various residential as well as commercial properties all across the U.S. The firm has an innovative approach towards creating a number of distinctive properties that are in the luxury category. JMH Development has been a pioneer in developing unique as well as well positioned properties. These are located in burgeoning markets that include Williamsburg as well as Brooklyn.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

A recent project has been a renovation of 184 Kent Avenue. This led to the creation of 340 luxury residential rental spaces in Brooklyn. Today these are listed on the National Historic Register. In fact, 184 Kent has been announced as the recipient of the Building Brooklyn Award for 2011 in the category of adaptive reuse. More recent developments include The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, which is a collection of nine luxury townhouses that are located in Brooklyn in the Cobble Hill neighborhood.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

JMH Development is committed towards the creation of high quality and successful properties all through the country.

Principal Jason Halpern announced the topping off of the Aloft South Beach. This hotel will have 235-rooms and will be opening in 2015 right in the heart of Miami Beach. This project is going to be an adaptive reuse of Motel Ankara which is a historic property.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – Who is Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega?

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is Mexican inspiration at its very best. He is a proud Mexican fighter. He is not a soldier but a truth fighter: He defends the facts.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has many years of experience under his belt. Most of these have been within the media. In particular, his country’s media thanks his efforts. He is the Vice President of Grupo Televisa.

Follow Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega on Twitter

Mexico’s Media and More to Behold

It’s no surprise that Mexico’s mainstream media has leaned more to the left, especially now more than ever before. Concerning the level of corruption, human trafficking, drug trafficking and several other legal deportation issues, the country has recently had to crack down on stringency and policy laws from within. It’s now more difficult to enter or leave the country than it has ever been in the last decade.

As such, many Mexican media companies have taken advantage of such newer policies and stricter wage loss in turn, covering facts from different angles than expected and even leaving out entire viewpoints altogether. The more common media watchdogs have left out vital information that would change any story entirely. It seems that these days, it’s all about money and who has the more power and authority. It is certainly the presses though not all of them.

Many Mexican radio stations, TV stations and print media outlets still fight for the truth. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and his group at Grupo Televisa are one of these though there are many more. Is often depressing to see how much evil continues to corrupt and plague this once beautiful country, but do not dismay: Hope is always within a mile’s reach as they say.

It’s also inspiring to note that there still are media companies in Mexico that cling to their values and preach the truth and nothing but the truth. For these companies, it’s clearly not about the money but about doing what’s right. Such serve as top examples to be held by all who practice law, especially when it comes to print and TV.

Learn more about Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega:​

Many people today are interested in starting their own business. Although this journey has a lot of rewards for people who work hard, it is also a difficult task to take on. Omar Yunes has done a great job starting a company from the ground up and having financial success. Looking at his business, you can learn a lot of great lessons to apply in your own life.

Omar Yunes

From the time he started out in business, Omar Yunes has always wanted to add value to customers. There are a lot of people who look up to the ideas that he has. When he first started his company, there were a lot of issues that he had to deal with. Not only did he have a lot of customers to serve, but he lacked the capital needed to scale up his business quickly. Over time, he was able to grow his business with healthy cash flow and strong sales from new clients.


For any new company, marketing is an essential element of having success. Many business owners struggle to bring in new clients for a variety of reasons. One of the most important aspects of this process is learning what customers want. Knowing your core customer is essential to business success.

Financial Planning

Running a business is always difficult from a financial perspective. This is especially true in the beginning when capital is low. Every business owner must make decisions on what to prioritize in their business.

Omar Yunes always focused on product quality when starting out. He realized that he had to make a good first impression in the beginning in order to attract new customers over time. He is having success in his company today because of this commitment in the beginning. Anyone who wants to run their own business should look at the example he has set for inspiration.

Hussain Sajwani a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and industrial engineering from University of Washington started his career after graduating as a contracts manager. He then developed his own business as a caterer supplying to different people in institutions and industries.

In addition to this business, he became the pioneer of property businesses in Dubai. He holds securities in different markets globally. As an investor and a businessperson, he also ventured in materials and ceramic tiles companies. His greatest achievement is as a founder of Damac properties, the biggest real estate’s venture in Dubai.

Sajwani has worked in different kinds of business. To start with, he supplied food to the United States Army after providing catering services to the workers in energy sector. He worked in different countries like Somalia and Bosnia in this business. As his first international business, it helped him develop good relationship with many leaders. He and Damac have also engaged in London Stock Exchange in offering their shares. He also then decided to venture in property business where he got involved in real estates.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have both social and business relationship. Damac Properties are responsible for construction of the Trump International Course in Dubai. Their families also are known to have had several visitations of each other in their homes. During the New Year’s Eve, the Hussain Sajwani family were invited to Mar-a-Lago, Florida during Mr. Trump’s speech where he mention that Sajwanis’ were lovely people who he had established a relationship with. Sajwani points out that their wives were more outgoing therefore leading to their friendship.

Damac Properties Company founded by Hussain Sajwani is a public company that engages in engineering, architectural and construction of real estates. Moreover, it is involved in development of residential, recreational and commercial properties. It is found in Dubai and the Middle East. It has spread to different countries in the world too such as North Africa, Jordan and Lebanon.

In conclusion, the Damac owner and properties are known for being philanthropists. They have donated to several charities including AED, where they donated lots of money for the clothing of needy children.

Omar Yunes, an investor and the owner of a major franchise of Sushi Itto in Mexico, won the Best Franchisee of the World BFW award – 2015. The event held on Dec. 5, 2015, in Florence, Italy, which was attended and participated by various franchisees around the world. The franchise has 13 shops in Mexico, including in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. “I am very delighted, and I would like to say that I am just a representative of more than 400 coworkers from 13 units, and the great feat is only because of their hard work. I thank them for their sincere efforts and also show my gratitude to the brand which gave us space for innovation,” Yunes said.

Interestingly, the 2015 BFW competition was participated by franchisees from 34 countries which include Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, France, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, and more. Each of the franchisees was evaluated on parameters such as influence on the network, contributions with respect to knowledge, the motivation of employees, savings that are implemented, the improvements proposed to the network and model, and more. The competition did not consider the brand of the network as a parameter. Diego Elizarrarrás, the BFW Mexico organizer, confirmed that Omar won the prestigious award due to he acted as a change factor in the franchise relationship in the network by implementing control boards to ensure clearer units and better management for information. Even the CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, found to be elated with the feat and confirmed the efforts to give remarkable flavor, unique hospitality, and excellent customer service has paid off.

Omar Yunes started his franchise business ventures at the age of 21 when he partnered with the Japanese food chain for the first time. Currently, he holds 10 percent of the total units of the network. He participated and won the BFW Mexico event which held in November 2015, which made him eligible to participate in the BFW world competition. Omar is known for implementing the latest technology within his units to ensure better and efficient management. He is also a driving force behind the professional service of the staff to the customers.

Joining Fabletics can be the best thing you ever do for yourself if you are looking for a solution to all of your biggest needs if you like staying active and moving. The truth about Fabletics is that it’s a brand that gives women all the best activewear out there on the market. The company is focused primarily on giving women only the most unique products on the market today. Fabletics focuses on activewear and giving women a wide variety on what works and what doesn’t. Fabletics is definitely going places because of the fact that the creators also created the highly successful JustFab online store. They expanding to a whole new level with Fabletics and he activewear industry.


Fabletics is co-created by somebody like Kate Hudson. Kate enjoys working in the industry and offers her insight on all things activewear related to the team. She enjoys being with Fabletics because she wants to help inspire women of all sizes, and this is why she told the team to build clothing for everybody and even in sizes that go up as high as an XXXL. They want to include everybody into the fitness industry and help promote a healthy lifestyle. Demi Lovato joined the team for a short campaign that is here to help create awareness for young girls and empower them to take over their lives.


The best part about Fabletics and what they offer is that they want to build stores in person that could be prefect because this will give window shoppers the chance to try on whatever they want and make their official purchase days after if they decide to.


Kate Hudson oversees every aspect of the company. Hudson enjoys looking at the data, discovering new trends, and helping out with all aspects of the business. Fabletics is her baby and something she cares for deeply. This is why she is very specific with what the company does. Throughout the entire Fabletics brand, she does more than just join the company; she also enjoys working on advertising and using her celebrity-status to help improve the way the brand is seen. Making videos and other sketches to help improve the brand with where it is going. Fabletics is definitely a good brand that delivers a unique approach to this industry. Fabletics is definitely one worth buying clothes from because you know they take pride in how they do their business.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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When it comes to investing, questioning Warren Buffet may seem presumptuous. However, this is exactly what Tim Armour does in a 2017 article for CNBC. What’s interesting is that Armour makes a convincing case for fine-tuning Buffet’s approach to mutual funds.The impetus for Armour’s comments is a bet Warren Buffet made recently. He offered to donate $1 million to charity if he doesn’t beat the performance of a group of hedge fund managers simply by investing in a portfolio based on the S&P 500. This passive investment approach is what index mutual funds do.

Armour agrees with Buffet that “actively managed” funds that try to beat the market are often poorly managed. Where he parts company with the Oracle of Omaha is in lumping all actively managed funds together, and in overlooking the downside of index funds. The downside is pretty straightforward. Index funds tends to follow the index down during bear markets.Armour has some advice for investors concerning all funds. The key, he says, is to find well-managed funds to invest in. Armour suggests that investors should not rely on labels like active or passive. He offers two specific tips. First, seek out funds with low expenses and fees. Second, check to see if the fund manager has invested his or her own money in the fund. Investors still need to research any mutual fund prior to risking their money. However, Armour says these two characteristics are critical according to his research.

Timothy Armour was picked by the Capital Group Board of Directors as its new chairman in July, 2015. At the time, he was serving as chair of the Capital Group management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. He started with the firm as a member of its Associate Program. He later advanced to Equity Analyst and specialized in global telecommunications and US service industry investments. Tim Armour earned his bachelor’s degree fro Middlebury College. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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