Robert Ivy’s Outstanding Professional Success

Robert Ivy has written journals that have been regarded as the most read in architecture. He obtained his knowledge when he started working as the Chief editor in 1996 for an Architectural Record.

Ivy later became the Director of editing and the deputy president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media that had GreenSource in it containing the Sustainable Design Magazine and SNAP. The architectural record had the ENR, Sweets and the HQ Magazine. Robert Ivy worked as a juror in the arch. Frank Gehry’s panel selection that was to design the Eisenhower memorial.


Robert Ivy worked as the Senior Dean at Dean & Ivy from 1981- 1996 as well as a publications critic. Ivy’s leadership led to Architectural Record being recognized and earning awards including the General Excellence Award, and the prior journalism Magazine Award. Architectural Record was able to receive twenty-six Jesse Neal Awards, an MPA digital Award in 2008, and seven Folio Design Awards.

In March 2010, Robert Ivy was voted as the Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi, an architecture association. He earned the award following his effective method of communicating the ideals design. He shares the honor with other great architects like Cass Gilbert, Dr. Clifford, John Welborn, and Ludwig MiesRohe.

The number of architects is small compared to other professions, but they have a powerful voice when it comes to making changes in legislation like the tax legislation, as stated by Robert Ivy. He said that being in a credible association that stands for something and has members that follow the requirement of the association is very important for accountability. The architects understand the values that the organization holds for each member must adhere to them. In some societies, the members are required to have their licenses, and the membership will indicate that you have moved to a certain point of your profession.

Associations like AIA have their ethics code that all members must adhere to regardless of their position. Professional bodies exist, and the experts know the relevant associations to join. Some association that caters for young professional exists as well as those that cater for the experienced veterans.

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