Roberto Santiago- You want it, we have it

Roberto Santiago is one of the most celebrated individuals in Brazil. This is because of his ownership of the largest malls. There is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall and the Mangeira Mall. Both are equally equipped. However, the mall that brought him fame is the Roberto Santiago Maniara Mall.

Santiago is among the few people who choose to develop their home town. Many investors move in search of developed areas, where there is a ready market. Roberto Santiago observed that whenever his people wanted to have some fun, they had to travel long distances. It is from this finding that his dream was born.

Roberto Santiago went to Pio-X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After school, he got a job at Café Rosa, a home décor company. Santiago must have a good grip on business because after a while, with the skills that he had acquired, he began his cartonnage company. Initially, he only produced cardboards from cartons. Later, the company expanded and became a prestigious home décor company.

In 1987, he decided to initiate this project. He bought the land on which he would build the recreational facility. By 1989, he launched the famous Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. It covers an area of approximately 75000m2. The mall has 280 premises. Everything you need is at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. Whether you are looking for dresses, jewelry, financial institutions, medical facilities or general shopping facilities, it’s all in here.

Roberto Santiago gave the residents a final surprise. He launched Domus Hall in 2009. The hall can hold a capacity of 14000 individuals. The capacity does not in any way interfere with the efficiency of the community. The hall is designed to ensure that everyone can see what is happening. The hall is soundproof and has an excellent auditory range and lighting system. Due to a large number of people, special attention was directed to the air conditioning. This is to ensure that the air is conducive for everyone.

The Domus Hall has attracted international hosts who would have never come if it was not for the Domus Hall. Residents have also enjoyed watching movies in 3D. The features that the hall has makes watching a movie here a thrilling experience that can never be forgotten. You feel every emotion of the actor.

The Economic sector of the economy has also improved tremendously. Good infrastructure and social amenities in the area have attracted multiple investors. The residents are enjoying a variety of products during their shopping. Presence of substitutes has also encouraged fair prices. The other great advantage that the Manaira Mall has brought is employment opportunities. Unemployment is a global issue. This is, therefore, an advantage that can’t go unnoticed.


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