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Recap: Inflation in Japan


In 2016, the policymakers in Japan were worried about a possible deflation in the country’s economy. This fear prompted the Bank of Japan to act by implementing measures that would help fight deflation. As a result, the country’s interest rates were lowered. According to the Bank of Japan, this move is expected to continue indefinitely as the Bank seeks to increase inflation up to the set rate of 2%.


According to Steve Sjuggerud, the move by the bank will help the growth of the country’s economy and strengthen the stock market. His prediction has since then proved quite accurate. The country has experienced an increase in its stock by 20% since the implementation of these policies. However, things took an unexpected turn when the Governor of Bank of Japan Haruhiko Kuroda announced that the bank was seeking to end the country’s stimulus program. Kuroda still hopes that the state will reach the targeted 2% inflation in a short period. However, several people such as Steve do not necessarily agree with Kuroda’s point of view in this matter. According to Steve, Japan is nowhere close to 2% in inflation and the country will not have achieved its goal even by 2019.


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Stansberry Research is a publishing company that is privately run and owned. It was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. The company’s headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A. The firm is involved in research especially with issues to do with finance and specialises on topics to do with oil, power, natural resource and mining companies. Before starting the Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry was the Editor of the English-language financial newsletter which is the oldest of its kind. He was the first American editor to work with the newsletter.


Steve Sjuggerud is the founder of True Wealth which is a publication of Stansberry Research and was started in 2001. The publishing company is made up of a professional team who seek to educate the public about various investment strategies. It operates in over 100 countries and also has an interest in alternative forms of investment.



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