Ted Bauman Is A Writer And Researcher At Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman is a rather peculiar financialist with a large background working at philanthropic organizations around the world. The majority of Ted Bauman’s experience has been built in the past five to 10 years, before which he was focused on helping people abroad. After graduating, Ted took to travel and moved over to South Africa. Little did he know he would spend half of his life there working for various corporations outside of government.

Ted earned his economics degree but it wasn’t until he moved back to the states in 2008 that he really started putting it to good use. When Ted first returned to the United States, he was working at a company in Atlanta that was very similar to the organizations he worked at across sees. Banyan Hill Publishing decided to pick up Ted Bauman because of his talents as well as his inspiration to help others succeed, which is perfect for Banyan Hill. There are thousands of entrepreneurs and would be investors passing through Banyan Hill daily trying to find that little bit of information to help them make it in their career and Ted Bauman is providing that. Ted has had upwards of 100 thousand readers on one of his weekly newsletters, which is a testament to his reputation as a financial expert.

Ted Bauman is a chief editor at Banyan Hill with five years of experience writing for the publishing company and he knows very well how serious investors out there take the information they find. This is why Ted always gives the most accurate and safe information to his readers, especially through the Bauman Letter, Teds own newsletter that is among the most popular on Banyan Hill. Ted Bauman is also an advocate for protecting assets, whether digital or physical. Although it is not very common, it is a real issue and one that can end someone’s career if they are not careful and researching good sources of information.

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