The Life and Times of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has come a long way from the University of Scranton where he completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Finance. Having always had a curiosity in money and the various ways to generate revenue, Glen Wakeman pledged to one day help others find business dreams – if he ever made it and became something of himself.

And that time has come.


Currently, the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, Glen Wakeman provides consumers interested in business planning with software customized for those delicate early-stages of financial business planning.


For a one time fee of $100, the LaunchPad toolkit helps budding entrepreneurs organize and collate into a business ready plan – all in 30 minutes or less. This platform is directed towards busy professionals such as lawyers and accountants.


Based out of Miami, LaunchPad is seeking to assist with business planning, a crucial stage that Glen Wakeman feels is intrinsic to the ultimate success of the company. For the development of the software, Glen Wakeman relied on a 21-year management background, and various stints as a Financial Services Executive, Board Member and Executive Mentor.


Besides LaunchPad, Glen Wakeman is active in other areas of life, serving as a mentor, investor, and writer. While at GE Capital early on in his career, he was recognized as an exemplary member and was awarded the Growth Leadership role model award by the Board of Directors.


Considered a well-rounded and accomplished individual, Glen Wakeman is proud to have lived and various countries throughout the globe, an international performer, Wakeman has been involved with the operations of companies scattered throughout 30 regions throughout the earth.


Other notable accomplishments by Glen Wakeman include his mentoring activities, especially suited for C-Level executives ( Currently, Glen Wakeman counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded while navigating the helm of Launchpad Holdings.


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