Wealth Solution and Investment Partnership

Be it to increase one´s wealth, plan for the future or start a business, everyone needs some financial advice once in a while in order to do things properly and make the most of each investment.

This can be easily done by having an expert evaluate your assets and liabilities; as well as establishing your goals, and developing an action plan, which might include things like making a college saving plan, investing in real estate, plans to save taxes and a clear comprehensive retirement plan. All of which Richard Blair offers through his professional investment advisory firm Wealth Solutions.

Founded in 1994 by Blair who has always had a great affinity for education, Wealth Solutions has instructed individuals, families, and small business owners on how to better management their assets and make their wealth grow through the usage of a Three Pillar Approach, a strategy that lets Wealth Solutions look at a client’s current financial situation, retirement needs, and provide the best plan possible.

Renting on Airbnb to travelers for a short a short time is one of this examples; at first glance it can seem like a simple and fast way to make money, bu there are plenty of issues to consider that homeowners might overlook like the temporary renters damaging their property and that not being covered by their insurance. This can leave the hoteliers with more trouble than it´s worth such as expensive legal and financial issues.

As an investment advisor representative, Richard Blair is able to review the options you have got and advice you on how to proceed according to your situation. With an aptitude for finances, knowledge of and experience in retirement planning and a deep understanding of how important being educated in finances is not only for business people but anyone who wishes to increase their wealth; Blair provides objective and unbiased advice without any conflicts of interest.

But more what really distinguishes Wealth Solutions from other financial advisers, is that it considers clients more like financial management partners, and is not afraid to use the latest technologies and studies to ensure each of its partner’s success. All of which helps to ensure a value relationship between Wealth Solutions and its clients; by making every partner a vital part of the company and its efforts to provide a trusted financial advice, unique investment goals, valuable solutions, excellent security and 24 hours investment access.

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